Learn from the past, improve the present, inspired for the future

Learn from the Past

Sara Nelson is where I got my first name. She crossed the plains with much hardship as a teenager and started to raise a family in Utah. She had young kids when her husband got called on a mission. It was planting season and she didn’t have the help she normally would have if her husband was by her side in the field. Due to her hardship her crop was put in later than normal. That year the pioneers had hundreds of crickets eating their crops. Because her plants came up later, they were spared. This is one of the blessings of faith she received for allowing her husband to go on a mission at a difficult time in life.

Improve the Present

One of the hobbies that I have taken up is quilting. I decided that I wanted to learn, bought a book, picked a pattern and some fabric and started. The first quilt I made was for my son Luke. I have now made several quilts. I know that this talent has improved my skills and the lives of my family and others.


Inspired for the Future

Now that I have children the greatest legacy that I believe I can leave is one of faith. If my children don’t know I have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, I have let them and myself down greatly. Right now I have a two year old and it’s hard to know what he can absorb and understand. Family Home Evening is hard to plan with him in mind and it usually results in a Luke lesson and then adding more once he’s in bed. But he knows how to fold his arms and pray. He recognizes and can say Jesus. These are little signs that I am working in the right direction with my family.

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