Do you have a story about a
person, event or experience that affected you?

You could share that story with our listeners on the
Legacy Café Podcast!

We are looking for some real life legacy stories that can enrich and inspire our Legacy Café Podcast listeners. By submitting your story for consideration, you'll not only have a chance to be a phone-in guest on the podcast, but you'll also enrich your family, friends, and future generations. What better incentive to finally starting writing your legacies stories, right?


Here's How it Works:

Write a story in 500 words or less about... 

  • A person who affected me (family, friend, teacher, stranger.......)
  • An event that affected me (birth, death, accident, milestone.....)
  • An experience that changed me (war, job, travel.....)
What can you win?

We will choose several "Top Story" winners so more people have a chance to share their story on the Legacy Café Podcast. We'll choose only one "Grand Legacy Story" winner, who'll win additional prizes.

In addition to being interviewed by Legacy Café podcast host, Robb Lucy, here's what you could receive for letting the world read your story:
  • "Top Stories" will be published on our sister sites: and We'll engage our wide social media networks to assure these stories are read by hundreds of thousands of people.
The Legacy Café Podcast will periodically feature story-winning authors. Robb Lucy will chat with these authors and discuss what makes them powerful legacy stories. So, all 'Top Story' candidates have a chance to be guests on the show.

Your Legacy Story Blog (where your stories reside) will attract thousands of fascinated readers because of our vast social network promotion. Your story will be enjoyed....then passed down to future generations. 
The Rules
Follow these simple guidelines:
  • Story must be true
  • Limit the story to 500 words or less
  • Submit your story by February 1, 2018
Judging Criteria

Judges are Tom Cormier, Co-founder of Legacy Stories and the Legacy Café Podcast, and Robb Lucy, Founder of Create My Legacy, and Co-Founder/Host of the Legacy Café Podcast.
Stories are judged on a 100-point system, based on the following criteria:
  • The story's Wow! factor                                25
  • A story that will travel well into the future     25
  • Entertainment value                                     20
  • Emotional value                                           20
  • Early story submission                                 10                                                                                             

How To Submit Your Story

Just follow these 3 steps


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Click 'Add New Story"

Write your story

Be sure to set the audience to 'Public'
You can 'Save' as a draft until you're ready to publish
When ready, click the green 'Publish Now' button.

Submit your story by January 31, 2018!
(10 points extra for submission in 2017)

So, what's your legacy story?

Write it now!