Why Students Should Be Taught Religion at School
People have different opinions around the world about whether we should include religion as part of a school’s curriculum or not. Some agree with introducing religion classes to our kids, whereas, some others are reluctant.

I have been hearing this debate since long, after which I decided to dig it out myself. After going through all the negative and positive opinions, and the impact of religion classes on a student’s brain and performance, I share over here what I deduce.
1. Improved Brain Growth
Studies have shown that students who are given religion classes since beginning possess much more creativity as compared to others. Learning religious stories (which at times sound out of this world) develops a sense a curiosity among the students, and a passion for knowing more. Hence, their desire improves their brainstorming ability.
2. Helps Children Learn Discipline
After hearing since childhood about the good deeds and bad deed concepts, students of religion are much easier to teach manners and discipline. With the ideas in mind of being rewarded or punished for whatever they do, these students are less likely to fall for juvenile delinquency.

3. Better School Performance
Schools, where religion is taught, have proven to be better educators. They train their students in a more disciplined and hardworking environment. They tend to motivate their students for every smallest achievement of their career. Hence, the personas created in such optimistic environment serve our society in a better way.
4. Helps Developing Positive Psychology
Teaching religion in the early classes of a student’s academic career helps in building up a sense of optimism. The belief of having a supreme authority that takes care of every human develops positivity and calmness in human psychology. Hence, schools where religion tends to provide better individuals to the society.
5. Develops An Urge To Learn More
Every religion has some factual stories that always leave us thinking more. Hence we tend to research the topic for a better understanding. The same goes true for students. Studying religion at school level makes them curious to know more. This instinct eventually develops for every subject. Consequently, students develop a habit of in-depth studying with a passion for learning more about everything.
6. Alleviates Depression Among The Students
As said above, studying religion develops optimism among the students. It makes them look at the brighter side of everything. Studies have shown that students who study religion are less likely to get depressed. Particularly, those teens who study religion do not fall prey to the typical ‘teenage depression’.

7. Students Tend To Recognize Themselves
When a student learns about religion, he/she develops an innate instinct to research the beliefs. Such students are always found asking various questions about the religious facts, about what they believe, about what is being practiced, and so on. Their urge to know more keeps the students wandering around their kith and kin while trying to find out detailed answers to their queries. When they develop such skills in the initial years of their lives, they eventually pass through the self-recognition phase more easily as compared to the others. They have an answer for whatever they practice. Hence, they grow up as useful individuals of the society.
8. Develops Tolerant Attitude
Various studies have shown that students who have studied religion as one of their majors in school havemore patient behavior. They are open to knowing other’s viewpoints whenever they get involved in any debate. Instead of being enraged, they have a calm personality. They believe in convincing others with positive criticism rather than bullying or negatively pinpointing at issues.
Although it is unfair to impose religion to the extent of conservative lifestyles,, studying religion in a neutral way has tremendous benefits. So instead of opposing religious curriculum at schools right away, one needs to look at the positive aspects too. Maybe our students turn up to be better individuals of the future due to their religious knowledge.

Author Bio: Andrew James is a freelance writer Essay Writing Help and socialist. He keeps addressing various social issues that usually go unnoticed.