Anyone who's been writing legacy stories here in the archive surely must've read one or many of Dick Pellek's amazing stories. 

Dick has been a member for over a decade, and has read many new stories from members as they are published, commenting on most.

I never met Dick but I've enjoyed reading his incredible travels as the 'Footloose Forester'. It's been almost two years since I retired as co-founder. These days I'm still telling true life stories only doing so with stories in song. Check it out and comment.

The surprise of the year came the other day when I noticed an elderly man walking from his car to our front door. I told my wife to come answer the door because it's most likely someone looking for her rather than me.

I went into the kitchen as she answered the door and almost immediately heard Chrissy's excited voice loudly yell, "Tom, come to the door! It's DICK PELLEK!! 

Dick sent us one of his wonderful books of musings a while back and we read a new excerpt almost daily. So Chrissy was no stranger to who Pellek was. 

needless to say, having never seen him before, I was totally shocked when I saw his small, elderly stature standing in the light of the door. WOW! I just couldn't believe it.

We sat and talked for hours, reminiscing about the stories we've posted, while talking about some of the beautifully written stories from other elderly members such as Don Millard Carriker. Don, in his late 80s, gave us a first hand glimpse into the days of the dust bowl in Kansas as never before documented. 

Our conversation was very emotional, causing Dick to nearly come to tears several times. We were beyond honored to be in the presence of such a wonderful person.

I managed to record two short clips of our conversation. First, he was brought to tears telling me how much my stories affected him, and then told a wonderful story about the loss of his beloved wife, who is featured in every story he writes. During that story he suddenly broke out singing "Mariah", a song that touches his heart deeply. Take less than a minute to see this clip. It's worth it. Just Click Here.  

I highly encourage you to read more of his stories. You'll be amazed and outright entertained. 

Thank you Dick and all the enlightened people who know it's important to document your highest priority life experiences (legacy stories) here in the archive!