I have truly never made a New Year's resolution. Probably I gave some thought to one or two, but I knew I'd never keep them, so it was just dismissed from my mind! Consequently, there isn't much to write about this topic!

Most likely I have reflected over the past year, kind of shrugged my shoulders at what was past, and turned my thoughts to looking forward, all the while hoping the upcoming year would be a good one for me as well as my friends and family.

With a hefty dose of inherited anxiety, I have spent much of my life looking backward and forward and having some difficulty staying in the moment. Perhaps that is why I enjoy history so much. Some futuristic topics interest me, but not stories about outer space and space exploration, and that is my mother's influence on my choices of television shows, movies, and books from when I was younger. She is a realist and deplores make-believe.