When the generations of a family stop interacting on a daily basis the spontaneity of the interactions begins to suffer. Likewise, family visits with an elder under care become stilted and awkward, and ultimately less frequent.

Changing the dynamic of the family visit to become engaging, rewarding, purposeful and productive for the elder and the family is a goal worthy of pursuit.  

After a decade of research and field-testing, the Living Legacy Project has performed magic; we found a way to make the ‘elephant in the room’ disappear, and change simply ‘passing time’ into ‘passing wisdom’.

The real magic is in the simplicity of ‘legacy talks’. 

For eldercare providers, there is no need for training or software to install, no equipment to purchase, no add to staff, no add to job descriptions or responsibilities.

When a family visits they’re loved one in a CCRC or at the home of an elder in care, all the required elements are in place and each participant has a role to play.

The elder performs the role nature has designed: Teacher.

The family members, appropriately, play the role of students.

With the guidance of a Legacy Stories Handbook, the magic begins with three powerful words; 'Tell me about'