Tale of Discovery


Arial fonts are neat and tidy, like me; at the tender size of  28, or 26, on Heading 2;

Heading 3 is still bold and brash but.... but when you change the font to

A stodgy old Courier New in Size 18-- it doesn't seem stylish to me, even in a Size sweet 16.

Heading 4 is still bold, but you might have to squint with my Georgia font, at Size 16

I address you with my Address format and Tahoma font.  Too small, too small,  let's call it a day!


On second thought, this gripping tale would be nothing without an attention grabbing graphic, which I will grab from my Internet IMAGE file, now!


Don't laugh, this is serious

                             On second thought, it's not so serious, so let's just....   play, play, play