If I could choose an ethnicity to be born in, I would definitely ask to be born a Polynesian!  In my experience there are three  main reasons I would choose this.  First, the people are the most warm and loving I have ever known.  They care.  There are no attachments or requirements to earn their love, they just have it to give. 

    Second, they live their lives in joy.  Music, dancing, happiness and deep appreciation for everything about life.  In the vernacular of the time, they "don't sweat the small stuff."  But on the other hand, they don't sweat the big stuff either.  Life is about joy, appreciation, love and  living life to it's fullest.  Humor, music, flowers, song and dance are all important parts of life. 

    Third, in  those who choose to have a spiritual commitment, there seems to be a more powerful connection than others have.  One apostle described it by saying that when Tongan people pay their tithing, the Lord sits down with them.  Probably this is because their devotion, when given, seems to be absolute.  Commitment and deep faith are ingrained. 

    Their example of faith, love and spiritual committment make me want to be like them.

    Absolutely, I would choose to be a Polynesian.