So many people are overwhelmed with an ever-increasing store of photos, slides and home movies that will likely never see the light of day. That’s where Appo can help. If you need help regaining control of your photos and memories, there is an Appo member in your area ready to take on the challenge. The Photo Organizers work with clients to sort through images, find connecting themes, neatly catalogue and edit them into photo narratives and albums our clients are proud to share – now and for years to come.Is Photo Organizing for you?

Want to become an Appo member? Whether you are just starting out on a new career or you’ve been organizing and running your own business for many years, you’ll find a supportive a community at Appo that will help you achieve success with your photo organizing venture.

From developing partnerships with industry leaders to providing you with a host of career- and skill-building support tools, we’re here to help.

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The Photo Organizers

The Photo Organizers are dedicated, independent business owners who transform stores of photos into family treasures. Many of The Photo Organizers are Appo Certified, meaning they are trained in the latest techniques for sorting, storing and sharing photos and provide the best practices available in the industry.

Each one of The Photo Organizers benefit from the Appo network of professionals, quality tools, education, resources and support that make working with Appo one of the most rewarding experiences for clients and members alike. 

We are proud to be joining with other Legacy Professionals in support of the Living Legacy Project and do our part to help families collect, preserve and pass on meaningful legacies to their future generations.