With 10 kids it was impossible for my parents to give any of us much one on one personal time. Although many of could argue that there was definitely a "favorite" and also the "baby" and of course, the last little girl, all of whom received maybe just a "little" more attention that the rest. Just a little.

Jimmy was the oldest and I was 2nd in the pecking order. I admit to having it much easier than Jim because he was the the first to brave kindergarten, get on the school bus, brave kindergarten, find his way around junior and senior high and do it all on his own. From thereon he stood by me to show me the ropes. Why he cares so much about me I don't realy know but he does and I do him very much.



Jimmy suffered greatly as a child, especially enduring the loss of an eye and almost both at the age of 3 due to a rare form of Glaucoma. It didn't hinder him at all.

After 10 years in our rock band together he married and settled into his routines and now teaches marshal arts at his own academy. He is now in the Marshal Arts Hall of Fame. Kudos Jim

Jimmy continued to write songs after leaving the band and just recently put ut his first solo CD. When he sent it to me I was amazed. One of his songs was expecially powerful because, as I mentioned at the start of this story, with such a arge family it is difficult to find where any of us fit in. Being the oldest he held the mantle of leader of this tribe. He did so with dignity but I never thought of the respnsibility that came with the role. I also never bothered to empathize with his struggle to find his place from his own perspective.



So, he put it into words and music and it is now my favorite all time song of his. I believe you will really enjoy it too. Press the green arrow on the audio player at the top of this post to hear the song.

If you want to hear more it would blow him away if you bought one of his CD's or downloaded even one song as he didn't record to be rich or famous. The thought that someone from the outside actually bought his songs would be more than he could stand and not even close to what he deserves.

To get to his CD click HERE.