Though I am dog tired from a day trip to Virginia to check on my 90-year-old Aunt Eunice, I want to share with you an amazing instance of synchronicity (if such be a word).

    I made the trip from Ohio for the nursing home’s Christmas Party today.  Here is what happened —

   Though physically challenged, Aunt Eunice has always loved to sing – her alto voice is usually spot on with the harmony of the music, if the song is one she knows.  She was excited to be called to the front to sing with the guitar player during the party.  One tune she was really comfortable with was, “I’ll Fly Away”.

   Immediately, after the party broke up, a nicely dressed elderly lady and her daughter appeared before us, introducing themselves to my aunt, who actually remembered the older lady.   I was then asked by them, “Who are you?”   In that place of families knowing families, I answered, “I’m Dupey’s daughter.”

   This lady broke into a huge smile, telling me that my mother was her fifth grade teacher. (Before marriage my mom had taught in the community.)

   The lady further said, my mother was the best teacher she ever had; and she had named her daughter Christine after my mom!

   The mom and daughter were willing to have me snap their photo together.  As I did so, the daughter confided to me that she had always wanted to be called by her middle name Christine rather than Wanda.

   Had my aunt not been called to the front, this meeting might never have occurred.

   The mother, I was told, has a school days photo in her room.  When I return to the nursing facility for a visit with my aunt, I will hope to talk further with this mom who brought tears of appreciation to a 75-year-old daughter on a gray day in December!