A client-enrichment solution that can differentiate your business, generate referrals, and increase your bottom line! 

Now you can add significant value to your senior care service by enriching the lives of your patients, residents and families, with or without provider assistance.

We've trained 5,000+ hospice caregivers to record their patients' stories, and today many of the nation's largest senior care provider firms are using our legacy-building solutions.

The Legacy Stories Handbook utilizes the free, award-winning LegacyStories.org website and mobile app to provide family members with all the tools needed to record, preserve and share their elder's stories.

The Handbook is also an integral part of a cause-marketing vehicle that can greatly increase referrals, prospects and clients.

Look What's Inside!

This compact 32-page, 8.5"x11" Handbook delivers a simple, legacy building process to engage family members in the interview and recording process. Imagine what you'll hear as they turn the pages and see sections for;

LEGACY QUESTIONS- Select from over 230 legacy questions ranging from ancestors, childhood, teen years, education, marriage, family, business and career, to faith, wisdom, and a special section for veteran experiences. 

LEGACY ASSET CHECKLIST- Most of our life-defining moments, milestones and special memories have already been recorded in family photos, and collected in special keepsakes, mementos, recipes, awards, newspaper announcements, etc.

The Legacy Asset Checklist helps to curate these treasures to help trigger memories and to tell stories by reminiscing. Only this time, reminiscing with purpose.

LEGACY TALKS- Family members learn how to have 'legacy talks' with the elder, how to properly ask the legacy questions to elicit the best stories, how to prepare the room environment, etc. 

LEGACY STORIES MOBILE APP- We dedicated a page in the Handbook to explain how our free IOS or Android app takes a picture of the teller, legacy artifact or photo, and records their voice while reminiscing.

Since most family members under the age of 60 own a smart phone or tablet these days, they will find the app easy and intuitive to use after watching a brief built-in video tutorial.

LEGACY LETTERS- With our templates, the elder can write words of wisdom and intimate messages to loved ones as part of an ethical will.

Templates include To My Children, To My Grandchildren, What I Am Most Grateful For, What You Should Know About Me, and others.

Every word written in these pages makes the Handbook one of the most valuable treasures the family will ever own. A true heirloom that will secure an honored place in history. And you take credit for this.

LEGACY FAMILY TREE- We've prepared a basic pedigree chart to include important information about parents, grandparents, siblings, spouse and children. This adds to the value of the Handbook and helps to recall family history only the elder may know.    

LEGACYSTORIES.ORG WEBSITE- The Handbook also explains the main features in our free award-winning archival website where app recordings are uploaded to build a secure and shareable legacy portfolio. Once registered, family members can connect, share stories, and learn about your business. 

Coming soon: We'll be launching a new feature that will stitch each of the individual audio recordings along with their associated photos into a full-length .mp4 video that can be downloaded and played as a tribute or celebration. 

A Perfectly Timed Opportunity

As you can see in the chart below, Baby Boomers emphatically want to passing down their family history and stories to inspire future generations. Since very few have made provisions for this, the Legacy Stories Handbook offers savvy senior care providers a rare opportunity to serve this aging and massive demographic.

All you need to do is start the legacy conversation by introducing the Legacy Stories Handbook to prospects, clients and their families. As you turn the pages while explaining each section, you'll hear "Wow" and "This is great" and "Thank you so much". When you help the family start the process you'll earn their loyalty for life. 

A Powerful Referral Generator

With your order of 50+ Handbooks, we'll print your personal welcome message, logo and company information on the inside cover. Since each Handbook will become a family heirloom touched by multiple people multiple times, you'll be remembered as the family's trusted provider. 

In addition to impacting your own clients and families, you can generate quality referrals by introducing the Handbook to colleagues who serve many of the families you would like to to meet.

Every senior-focused professional needs this Handbook for their clients, and you have everything to gain by bringing it to them. 

Double the impact by sharing the inside front and back covers of the Handbook with any of these professionals:

  • Estate planners
  • CPAs
  • Elder law attorneys and elder planners
  • Financial advisors and planners
  • Wealth managers and planned giving firms
  • Life and long term care insurance agents
  • Geriatric care managers
  • Assisted living and memory care directors
  • Hospices
  • Funeral Directors

Generate recurring revenue when the above professionals purchase Handbooks through your unique affiliate link. Our generous 2-tier Legacy Stories Affiliate Program also pays you when these professionals sell Handbooks to their referral network too.

The Affiliate Program can also help raise funds for local charities and professional organizations with sales of the Legacy Stories Handbook or other Legacy Stories solutions. Every family should own a Legacy Stories Handbook!

A Cause-Marketing Bonanza

Cause-marketing is one of the most effective strategies to establish or strengthen business relationships.

In 2008, Tom Cormier and Dennis Stack co-founded the Living Legacy Project, with a mission to provide families with free education, tools and technology to record and preserve the life lessons and experiences of elders, arguably the greatest body of wisdom in history, before is lost forever. 

By embracing this vitally important cause that impacts every family, you'll differentiate yourself from competitors and deepen your clients' trust and loyalty.

As a voice of the Living Legacy Project, you can speak to groups and help attendees get started by meeting with you to learn how to use the Handbook. Talk about a lead generator!

An Incomparable Value

The retail price for a single copy of the Legacy Stories Handbook is only $19.95, which is an incomparable value proposition when you think of the added value you bring to the families you serve. Save money when ordering in packages of 10 or 25.

*With these smaller quantities we are unable to print your personal welcome message on the inside cover.

Click the "Buy Now" button to place your order now. 


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Order Your Personalized Handbooks Here!

When ordering 50+ Handbooks we'll print your personal welcome message, logo and company information on the inside cover. When clients, prospects and their families turn the pages and discover the enormous value the Handbook can bring, they will remember who introduced them to the concept and set them on their path to building the family legacy.

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Special Limited Time Bonuses!

(For orders of 50+ Handbooks)

'LEGACY TALKS' GROUP PRESENTATION: Make an unforgettable impression on your audience at your next seminar or event with our Legacy Talks group presentation video, outline and handouts. As the old marketing adage goes, "Fact tell but stories sell."  The Legacy Talks group presentation is designed for interactive storytelling while making the case for getting started with recording elder stories. Of course, you'll schedule private meetings to get started at no cost because you're an advocate for the Living Legacy Project. 

LISTING IN THE LEGACY CONCIERGE DIRECTORY- You'll also receive a lifetime listing in our popular Legacy Concierge Directory, where families all over the world search for experts in all aspects of legacy planning. You want to be listed here!


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