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As Baby Boomers enter their 'legacy years', with GenerationX following right behind, there is fast growing demand for guidance on how to tell their legacy stories so they can be shared today, while they are alive, and passed down to future generations. 

As leaders in the emerging 'legacy movement', we have over a decade of field research and development to build an award-winning platform that gives you the 'legacy essentials' people need and want. The Legacy Values Plan is designed to be implemented quickly and easily for busy professionals, and delivers astonishing results!


Here's What You Get with the Legacy Values Plan!  

Co-Branded Handbooks
Co-Branded Legacy Marketing System
Group Presentation
Legacy Advocate Status
Legacy Concierge Service

50 Co-Branded Interactive Handbooks

Your Legacy Values Plan includes 50 co-branded Legacy Stories Handbooks to give an immense value-add to your A-List clients, closest family and friends. In your plan's resources, we'll show you who to give them to, exactly what to say, and when, to get the most out of these unique handbooks. 

You'll experience deeper relationships, more high quality referrals, and a much higher client retention rate, by simply helping people recognize that they have a legacy worth leaving!



Look What's Inside!

(32 pages, 8.5" x 11")

LEGACY QUESTIONSSelect from over 230 legacy questions that cover all major life stages, including childhood, adulthood, marriage and family, business and career, faith and spirituality, wisdom, and a special section for veteran experiences. 

INTERVIEW AND RECORDING TIPS- Learn how to engage in a riveting 'legacy talk', and record exceptional stories based on the teller's personality, age and abilities.

RECORDER APP- We dedicated a handbook page to explain how to install our free app, which takes a picture of the teller, keepsake or photo, and records their unique voice, personality, dialect and stories. 

LEGACY ASSET CHECKLIST- Most of our life-defining moments and special memories have been captured in family photos, and saved as keepsakes. Reminiscing with these legacy assets takes the stress out of storytelling, and the checklist helps to organize them.

LEGACY LETTERS- Our legacy letter templates include, To My Children, To My Family, What I Am Most Grateful For, Causes I support, and others. Every written word increases the value of the handbook for generations.


A Personlized Value Add That Binds You
To The Heart of The Family!

We'll print your personal welcome message with a photo, logo and contact information on the inside cover of your handbooks. This is not an ad, rather your sincere message that will be viewed multiple times by multiple family members as they share their new family heirloom.


14 Ways to Use Your Personalized Handbooks!

Personalized handbooks tell the families you serve that you care more about their heartstrings than their purse strings. In addition to engaging more frequently with clients in a meaningful way, your personalized handbook is ideal for:

Client Appreciation Events New Client Welcome Gift

Seminar Takeaways Client Retirement

Client Milestones Business Succession

Client Loyalty Interaction Intergenerational Activity

Holidays Veterans

Mother's Day Father's Day

Grandparents Day Employee Appreciation



Co-Branded Legacy Marketing System

REMINISCE WITH PURPOSE: Our award-winning Legacy Marketing System is designed to educate and motivate people to start writing or recording their legacy stories by 'reminiscing with purpose.'

WEEKLY MEMORY PROMPTS- Participants in this free service receive one legacy question, by email, every Sunday morning to keep the topic of legacy top of mind. 

CO-BRANDED SIGNUP PAGE- To register clients and family members into the program, you'll receive a co-branded webpage with your logo, and an introductory video and signup form.

LEAD GENERATOR- Your personalized signup webpage is a no-cost lead generator and community outreach vehicle. 

Promote your webpage in emails, newsletters, social media, blogs, etc.

We provide you with sample copy to invite clients, prospects and/or groups to learn about and register into the program. All registrant names and email addresses are delivered to you for follow up and nurturing leads.


Connect with Clients, Friends and Family
Who Are in Legacy Mode!

When participants sign up for the Reminiscence Program through your web form the first thing they do is create their free account. When this happens they are automatically added to the "friends" section of your Legacy Stories profile, and you are added to theirs.

This is a great way to stay in touch in the context of legacy while building a following of purpose-driven supporters, leads, clients, friends and family.


Deliver a Powerful Legacy Stories
Group Presentation 


The Legacy Marketing System includes everything you need to deliver an unforgettable group presentation.

As your audience shares legacy stories, they'll learn the importance of their life lessons and experiences, and they'll be inspired to share their legacy stories with family members. 

We'll provide you with a Powerpoint slide show, presentation script and handouts.

The presentation can be easily added to your typical seminar, or delivered as a stand alone presentation. If you want to add value to your services, this gift of legacy is priceless

Here's a Sample of Our Clients' Feedback


"We used the Legacy Stories resources to promote a holistic financial planning workshop. The topic resonated so well that we booked 2 more- because the room filled up so fast and we had to turn people away. I think we hit a hot button and I sincerely appreciate what the Legacy Stories tools have done for us."

Janice T- Wealth Manager

"I've been looking for a way to engage more with family matriarchs and heirs. This program has is outstanding."

Martin V.- Financial Advisor

"Our entire organization is using this system to enrich our clients and families. Fantastic!"

Beth O.- Senior Care Executive Director

"Your price is too low for what this high-value program delivers. I recommend tripling the price."

Barry H- Fiduciary


Add 'Certified Legacy Advocate'
to Your Credentials!


Giving your clients the handbook is one thing. Knowing how to introduce it and help them get started is where the value skyrockets.

So we've included an quick step video tutorial that will walk you through a simple process to properly introduce the handbook as a powerful takeaway during an engaging 1-hour legacy talk.

If you think you know your clients and they know you, think again. We'll show you exactly how to conduct a Legacy Talk that will establish an unbreakable bond and lead to enthusiastic referrals. 

When finished viewing the brief tutorials and completing the action steps, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion and can add 'Certified Legacy Advocate' (CLA™) to your credentials. 

The benefits of providing your clients or supporters the means to start telling their legacy stories cannot be overstated. With the emerging 'legacy wave' you are the right professional at the right time to introduce the idea.


Lifetime Listing in the Legacy Concierge Directory

We provide our site members with tools, resources and professional assistance to help them take control of their legacy. Members and site visitors rely on our Legacy Concierge Directory to find holistic-minded providers and your Legacy Starter Kit includes a permanent lifetime listing.

No only that but you'll receive a powerful video that shows how to easily create your own 'Legacy Expert Team' with 20 referral sources you probably never knew about. It's all included in the Legacy Starter Kit.



Co-Branded Handbooks
Co-Branded Legacy Marketing System
Group Presentation
Legacy Advocate Status
Legacy Concierge Service

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