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This series of lessons walks you through the entire  process from facility signup to delivery of the DVD to the family. It is absolutely critical to know these steps. Print out this section and make notes as you read through and keep this processs handy for when you start your own program.


Step 1:

Make an appointment with decision maker/facilitator at the senior living facility

The best person to contact is the Marketing Director or Facility Director because this is a program designed to enhance their marketing efforts.   Do not contact the Activity Director.  Although the Activity Director will be involved at a later point, he or she is not usually involved in marketing decisions.

There are two approaches to getting an appointment with the senior living facility:

1.  Contact the facility directly

  • Introduce yourself:  "I am an independent Certified Legacy Advisor (CLA) with the Living Legacy Project (LLP). We are a worldwide organization devoted to helping people preserve their life stories for their families and for research. We have a new program created especially for senior care facilities like yours designed to help new residents transition and assimilate quickly into their new home. The program has significant marketing benefits too. The cost is minimal and we do all the work. Do you have a few minutes this week for me to stop by and show you a quick demo?”

2.  Collaborate with others and ask them to introduce you to facility director

  • Most communities have contracts with a limited number of service providers—often only one or two. Find out which hospice or home health agencies have contracts with the facility by simply calling the facility and asking. Alternatively, contact the hospices or agencies in your area directly to learn which senior communities they visit regularly. Ask for the Community Outreach Director or Marketing Director.  Again, you want to focus on the person responsible for marketing.
  • These service providers are constantly visiting the facilities they have under contract. Their focus is on maintaining a relationship with the facilities so the facilities will refer their residents.  The service providers sponsor activities such as blood pressure clinics, speakers, etc.  and they are always on the lookout for unique activities to offer.
  • Set up an appointment with the identified service provider contact to demonstrate the LM program. “I am a CLA with the LLP. We are a worldwide organization devoted to helping people preserve their life stories. We have a new program created especially for senior care facilities designed to help new residents transition quickly to community life. It’s called Legacy Matters. The cost is minimal and we do all the work. There are significant marketing benefits I for your company that I can explain too. I’m calling you to see if you would like to help me introduce this program to (Name of community). Can we get together this week for me to so I can show you a quick demo?”


Step 2

At the meeting with the facility contact person

(You will need to take a laptop or portable DVD player.  If you want to connect to the site, inquire in advance about Wi-Fi access or use a Hotspot on your cell phone)

 You will probably find a number of senior communities in your area  and, as in any business, competition to retain residents can be fierce. In addition to the amenities they offer, communities work hard to establish relationships with their residents and create a sense of "family" so that residents will want to stay.  These are some key points to include in your meeting with the facility director:

  1. Validate awareness of common problems associated with new residents—anxiety , loneliness, and isolation
  2. Validate awareness of competition and need for value added services to help convert prospects into residents
  3. Explain the Big 3 (LLP-I-ASK-LegacyStories) and emphasize that CLAs have been cleared with background checks. You may want to offer some personal disclosure about why you got involved with the Living Legacy Project.
  4. Give the director the LLP and LM handout flyers and briefly go over them.
  5. Introduce  Legacy Matters. “LM is a program designed to increase conversion rates and facilitate smoother transitions for new residents and for their families” Show the Legacy Matters video.
  6.  Explain steps of program:
  • Include sales packets with their marketing materials given to prospects
  • When a new resident moves in, the facility completes a registration form for the resident and notifies the CLA
  • The CLA will schedule a visit with the resident to record Talking Photos
  • The CLA will create an archival DVD of the Talking Photos with a custom label that  includes the facility logo and deliver it to the resident's family.
  • The CLA will work with the Activity director to create a regularly scheduled mixer activity (such as a Welcome Tea or Coffee) where the DVDs will be shown  to introduce newcomers to the larger community.
  • When there are enough newcomer videos, the CLA will create a DVD movie which can be shown at an activity for the families and friends of the residents.

6.  Review the benefits of the Legacy Matters Program:

  • Builds relationships
  • Supports the activity program with a newcomer activity
  • Eases transition and assimilation time
  • Facility will be linked to resident and family on its own profile, further enhancing relationships
  1. Emphasize there are no additional responsibilities for the administrator or  the staff.  "We do all the work!  All you have to do is show the brief video and flyers during the tour (at the end is best because it is the emotional anchor they will remember the facility by), and add one more form to your registration process."
  2.  Review Pricing for initial setup

Start with a 30 day trial. A facility is not going to commit to a long term contract until they experience the program at all levels: marketing, sales, new resident acclimation and family response. We first offer them the Legacy Matters 30-Day Trial Program which includes:

  • Membership in I-ASK which includes:
    • Set up in our system
    • Custom logo branding for the DVD cover
    • Custom affiliate link to register each resident and automatically be seen in the resident's Friends section of their profile.
    • Senior referral network
    • One 90-minute visit to conduct a Legacy Matters interview of a new resident or any other resident.
    • Legacy Matters sales presentation DVD and 20 LM handouts.
    • Total cost to initiate the program is $495 (prepaid). 

At the conclusion of the trial period, the facility enters into a contract with Legacy Stories to purchase seven 90-minute CLA visits for a price of $995 (prepaid). The visits are used to conduct Legacy Matters Programs for new residents but can also be used for birthday tributes, special celebrations or other events the facility deems appropriate.

Step 3:  Processing Payment

Send corporate billing information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to include:

  • Contact person name
  • email address
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number

We will send a PayPal invoice.

If paying by check send the same information as above and we will send an invoice and mailing instructions.

Facility's collateral kits will be shipped 7-10 days after receipt of payment

CLA indicates where kits are shipped, i.e. to the facility ot to the CLA


Step 4:  Set Up Corporate Profile

  1. Complete a profile form to set up the facility's own account with its logo and message.
  2. Register the facility by using the corpprate affiliate link.
  3. Ask for a .jpg file of their logo so corporate can include it on their sales kit DVD as part of the agreement. Email the .jpg logo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Step 5:

Schedule a Training Session with Sales and Administration

Once the kits have been delivered you'll need to arrange for a 30 minute orientation program for the sales staff and administrator:

  1. Pass out the flyers to each attendee so they can read them while you explain the benefits to the family and the sales opportunity.
  2. Show the Demo DVD, either on DVD player and TV or your laptop
  3. Explain how they should insert the flyers into whatever collateral folder they give to prospects to take home with them. Emphasize this should be the last thing the family remembers when they leave the facility to make their decision.
  4. Explain the Resident Registration and instruction Forms that the admissions person has the family or resident fill out and sign as part of the registration process.
  5. Ask the administrator to contact you immedately after the resident moves in.


Step 6: Follow Up Weekly

Do not assume the facility will call. Since each interview has been prepaid you have a job waiting for you. No selling needed. Just an occassional reminder call, email or visit until they decide it is time. After the trail period the facility will have prepaid seven more visits. The only thing you need to do is stay in touch and remind them that they have these in reserve. The more often they call you the more often you are paid. It's that simple. It's up to you. The job is waiting and already sold.

  1. Call weekly to see if new residents have moved in. Pick up registration forms as needed.
  2. Establish the resident's profile. The registration form will have the resident's profile information and all you wll need to establish his or her profile in LegacyStories.org.
  3. Contact New Resident. 
  • Briefly explain the program and tell them you are calling to schedule their free session.
  • Be sure the time you choose won't be conflicting with meals or other activity commitments. 
  • Ask the resident if he or she received the Pre-Interview Instructions when they were signing admission papers
  • If they did not receive instructions or they were misplaced, carefully go through what the resident needs to do to be prepared for your session.
  • Ask the resident to locate 5 vintage family photos to be scanned. You may find that the family has possession of these photos. If so, contact the family and ask if they could scan them and email to you.
  • Explain the 5 photos to locate:
    • Ancestor
    • Early childhood
    • Spouse or best friend
    • Family, siblings or children
    • Any photo or keepsake of special meaning
  • If any of the above photos are not available, try to find similar vintage photos or any special photos
  • If photos are in albums or frames, ask that they be carefully removed for scanning
  • Sometimes family members have already scanned vintage photos. Ask--it will save time
  1. Reconfirm your appointment time with them on the day of or the day before you will visit. The less time between the call and the interview the better.

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1.  The best person to contact at a senior living facility is the activity director

_____True            _____False

2.  The purpose of the Legacy Matters program in senior living facilities is to:

a.  Increase conversion rates

b. Ease transitions for new residents and for their families

c.  Provide welcome activities

d.  All of the above

3. What are the 5 suggested photos for the Legacy Matters Talking Photos?

4.  The cost to the facility for the trail program is $_____

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