Certified StoryKeeper Course



Congratulations for taking the initiative to become a Certified StoryKeeper. The techniques taught in this course were developed by interviewing thousands of hospice patients in a variety of conditions.

Depending on your familiarity with computers and the internet you should complete the course in 2-3 hours, including practical application.

Upon completion, you will receive an official StoryKeeper Certificate suitable for framing from the International Association of StoryKeepers (I-ASK).

More importantly, you'll have the ability to preserve your own legacy stories and become the family StoryKeeper, the heart of all families.

b2ap3_thumbnail_hicksnag.pngThe purpose of this course is to teach you how to create a Pict-Oral Memoirtm in the LegacyStories.Org Living History Library so that you can either teach the hospice patient's caregiver or perform the service on their behalf. 

To complete this course you will need a relatively modern computer with a built-in microphone or an externally attached microphone, and internet access. View the entire video tutorial BEFORE doing the practical application. You can refer back to the video tutorial to review any part.

We also assume you have already created free account and uploaded your profile photo in the LegacyStories.org Living History Library.

We wish you the very best success. Let's get started!!

StoryKeeper Resources

This section contains all related downloadable documents, forms and links to webpages and videos, etc. Start the course by printing each document so they can be viewed when referred to in the tutorial.

Links to webpages and videos are there for future use. Please print out the Tutorial Documents now by clicking each of the blue links and save them in a folder on your desktop.

Tutorial Documents

  • Companion Worksheet Use this to take notes during the video tutorial.
  • Profile Form - Use this if the family caregiver asks you to set up the patient's profile in the LegacyStories.org website.
  • Resource Inventory Checklist - Give this checklist to the family as a way to help them organize legacy media and documents to make preservation easier. This is merely a helpful gift.
  • Archival DVD Ordering Instructions - Use this form when the family wants their online slideshow produced and burned onto an archival DVD


  • Pict-Oral Memoir Sampler- Use this to introduce the caregiver and family to the idea of creating a Pict-Oral Memoir. The brief video illustrates the power of the voice and the valuable family history a loved can can provide. In some cases, this video may be shown to families by an executive for marketing purpose. If so, you will not need this.  

You can download this video to play directly from your computer when no internet is available at the time you are presenting the program to the family. To download, click on the link above>>>scroll down just below the video player>>>click the Download button>>>right click on the Original File link>>>choose Save Page As or Save Link As or Save As, depending on your browser's terminology>>>save to your desktop.

  • Living Legacy Project- Use this video if you'd like to introduce the family to our greater mission. Optional of course.

Tutorial Video

View the Tutorial Video in full screen view so you don't miss any details. Click the X icon on the lower right side of play bar to expand. Make sure your speakers are enabled.


In order to receive your certificate you only need to demonstrate that you know how to create and share a Pict-Oral Memoir Slideshow. To do this follow these steps closely:

  • Click on My Slideshows on the main menu
  • Click on the slideshow album photo or title to bring up the slideshow photos in thumbnail view
  • Click on the thumbnail photo you want to begin the slideshow with, which displays the photo in full size view
  • Using the Share This feature at the top of the photo, click on the email envelope icon
  • In the "To" box type in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • In the message text box enter the following information:
    • Your full name as you wish it to appear on the certificate
    • Name and location of your specific hospice office
    • The email address you would like your certificate sent to
  • Click send

Once we receive the message we will notify your office administrator that you have completed the course and send your certificate within 3 business days. Please check your junk or spam mail folder if you have not seen our response email with the certificate attachment within 3 business days. It may very well be there depending on your email security settings. 


The sections below are optional and very much worth viewing. Thank you again for your participation in the Living Legacy Project. You have made a difference to your family already and now can make a difference for those who need their story preserved most.

As mentioned in the Tutorial Video, if you have an interest in becoming a Certified Legacy Advisor we would love to add you to our network and help you provide essential legacy services outside of the hospice environment. Time is of the essence and we need people like you to help save the living history of our time in your area.

Once again, thank you!!

Using the iPad App

The free Legacy Stories iPad app makes it quick and easy to produce a Pict-Oral Memoir. Besides the iPad itself, all you need is to search the App Store for Legacy Stories and create a free LegacyStories.org account. 

Different that the Pict-Oral Slideshow component on the website, iPad photo narrations are uploaded to the My Audios component. To learn how the process flows click HERE.

Optional Tutorial Video

This tutorial focuses on using an inexpensive digital audio recorder along with more advanced StoryKeeper interview techniques and strategies. It helps to know how to produce a Pict-Oral Memoir when internet is not available or when there is a problem utilizing the web recorder to produce the slideshow recordings.

This approach also allows for lengthier oral history recordings and doesn't necessarily focus on describing each photo. We have also included several useful documents to expand your StoryKeeper skills. We hope you will take time to learn this information. Thank you for the extra effort!!

Useful Tools and Documents

We have searched the internet to find the best StoryKeeping tools for the least cost. As new tools become available we will continue to list them here. You may need some of these tools and documents to perform the Optional Interview method as outlined in the video just above.

Training Mission
Measuring Height Is More Reliable Than Eyeballing