4th Grade

This journal contains events and stories about Stacy, my third child and daughter.

Stacy has had a great 4th Grade year! She got straight A's every quarter and loved her class. We made this Heritage Makers book for her teacher, Mrs. Welch. Take a look at the fun things she did with her class this year.
Stacy has always enjoyed music. She was selected as one of 8 from her Elementary school to participate in the District Honor Choir in the Spring. Singing is her talent! With a smile on her face she hums and sings her way through every day. It is infectious as it seems to have spread to her younger brother, David. Stacy also takes piano lessons each week and performed in a Christmas recital, Gold Cup Festival and a Spring recital this school year. Stacy's closest friends are Tristan, Sarah and Emma. Some of Stacy's favorites this year include: the color pink, vanilla ice cream, playing with friends and sleep overs.
2009 Alysia participates in Gold Cup
Fruit Salad


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