A Fond Farewell

This special day began typically for March in Ohio, gray with blowing rain against the bedroom window.  How I wished the sun could pop out from behind the clouds.    

Today is the occasion for honoring a good friend and mentor for many of the musicians in our city.  Our friend Harriet, who came to Columbus almost 40 years ago, is is moving to Florida to be with her daughter.  For our music organizations  she has been a dedicated leader and a fine pianist in various venues.  To realize she will no longer be around is not easily processed.  However, her health issues precipitate the move.  And this is our opportunity to come together to let her know how much we love her and hold her in regard.

A fellow colleague and friend has offered to host us in her home.  It is my job to bring over chairs, a few cookies, and some lemonade.  No fuss, each attendee is bringing a sandwich along with one to share.  (This happened to be a very good thing in my case!)

Somehow I got the car packed and arrived with a half hour to spare to help get set for guests.  A few minutes after 11:00 the doorbell began to ring.  From this moment on it was as though time stopped for the 35 of us as we reminisced through good times gone by.  Food became an afterthought as we each took turns recalling a special event or occasion in which our esteemed friend and music colleague was a part.  

The first tribute came as an email from another of our own who had moved to Texas a decade ago.  The next was the presentation of a pencil sketch by another musician who happens to also be a gifted artist.  Eventually everyone present who desired to speak had their turn toasting our friend.       

WMC Friends Ginger, Harriet, and Norma


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Tom Cormier (website) on Sunday, 18 March 2012 15:42

Such a nice picture Pat. She'll miss good friends as much as you'll miss her I'm sure!

Such a nice picture Pat. She'll miss good friends as much as you'll miss her I'm sure!