A Journey to Self-Awareness

As I think about Virginia and her life as I witnessed it, I see a life spent in pursuit of self awareness.

Her journey to wholeness began when she chose to apply and was accepted into  the counseling program at Northwestern State in Louisiana.  There she not  only achieved a graduate degree, but she battled and began defeating the  issues that had been haunting her for so long.  I don't exactly remember  the timing of the next few years but from there she was began a career that brought significant fulfillment, started a private practice that gave her significance, and met CW who loved her for who she was and who God made her to be.   Virginia could never see herself as the beautiful, competent,  capable women that so many saw her until God brought CW Miller into her  life.  It was through that grounded relationship that she began to see herself the way others had seen her for years.  Since her marriage to CW she  has soared, personally, professional, physically, and emotionally.  Furthermore, she has seen her her precious son, Jon, whom she adored, mature into a responsible husband and
father to her most beloved granddaughter, Morgan.  That perhaps is her most  accomplished achievement.

 If you asked me to summarize my thoughts in just a few words I would say  that Virginia life's journey was spent in pursuit of self-understanding and  self-acceptance and that she dedicated her best years helping others to do
the same.  

Contributed by Nickol Tompkins

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