About Denmark Green Card

With Denmark Green Card, popularly known as Danish Green Card, Denmark Immigration has made easy for foreign nationals to migrate to Denmark. It has been made easy by Denmark Immigration for immigrant enthusiasts to migrate to Denmark. This was made through Denmark Green Card. Features of this program are salient and fetch rewarding returns to the immigrants. Yet the eligibility criteria to get qualified for immigration to Denmark are quite simple and straightforward in nature.


Before talking about the eligibility criteria declared by Denmark Immigration for foreign nationals to obtain Denmark Green Card, let us shed the deserving light onto the remarkable features of Danish Green Card.


  • Denmark Immigration has adopted a point-based system to determine the eligibility of an applicant to grant Danish Green Card.
  • Hassle-free visa extension is the specialty of the green card as an applicant will first be granted 3 years of temporary residence to migrate to Denmark, stay in there and find employment. At the end of this 3 year tenure, another extension which last for 4 years can be obtained upon applying.
  • Green Card scheme will facilitate residence permit for immigrants if they have been working for the past 1 year in Denmark.
  • Upon completing 4 years of residence on temporary residence, Denmark Immigration grants an immigrant the Permanent Residence status. With that, he/she can live in Denmark indefinitely without any further pleas for extensions.
  • Straight living in Denmark for 9 years will automatically qualify an immigrant for Denmark citizenship, provided his/her stay has been legit in the country.
  • With Demark Green Card, the immediate family of an immigrant, like spouse/unmarried living partner and children under 18 years of age, will also be granted residence permits. Spouses of immigrants with residence permits can also choose to work full-time as long as their visas stay intact.


Let us now look into the eligibility criteria to apply for Denmark Green Card.


Eligibility Criteria for Danish Green Card

Below are the credentials considered by Denmark Immigration for the point based eligibility system for Denmark Green Card.

Age: Applicants with ages under 40 years are likely to score more points than who are beyond 40.

Education: The higher the level of education of an applicant, much likely is he/she to earn more points on the points scale. Nonetheless, a master degree is essential for an applicant to apply for Danish Green Card. Degrees from world’s reputed institutions will carry bonus points that prove influential. If an applicant’s education is likely to fetch him/her a job in such segment where Denmark market is facing a manpower scarcity, then it’s an added advantage for the applicant’s candidature.

Work Experience: With more number of years of work experience, an applicant will proportionally score more number of points.

Language Proficiency: English, Danish, German, Swedish and Norwegian are the languages in which applicants are expected to prove their proficiency, though in any one of the above mentioned.

When the criteria are so simple, it is arresting for an immigrant to resist the permanent settlement option in Denmark through Danish Green Card.

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