Borzo Recaps 2013

This outline represents bones, no fleshy bits of story. However I liked Tom Cormier's idea of reviewing the calendar and digital pictures before 2013 closes.

So much of the time the moments merge and are forgotten, and pretty soon days and months pass, and then finally years and I'm left wondering, "What did I have for dinner?" 

As a personal historian and now Legacy Advocate, I'm always looking for tools to help trigger memory so I was excited to be reminded of the treasures in those paper calendars I keep stored in my closet. I'll definitely utilize this tool for clients. 

Of course, once I recapped the year I wondered if it wasn't a bit lacking for the juicy bits; a good cup of coffee with a friend, a wonderful dinner, a summer night that lingered. But then I realize those moments are the food we take with us whether we "remember" them or not. 

Below is 2013 in review. There were some great highlights. Thanks to Tom for the idea!


Sherry’s 2013 In Review



Oliver and Rachel were in DC and we were once again empty nesters

Andrew and Alex had moved to St. Paul just a few months before

I was making trips to Iowa City to meet with client Dan

Greg and Christine visited us for the RAGBRAI launch party and got snowed in an extra day.

I continued to work as the Executive Director for Windsor Heights Chamber.

I participated in a writer’s group that meets once a month.

Thrilled over Downton Abbey on PBC

Hooked on Mad Men

It looks like I was still working on the Hammer project



Began some work with client Bill

Began work with client Helen

Met Leng through WH affiliation

Saw The Book of Mormon with David at the Civic Center

Work on Frances and Lorren project continues

Oliver and Rachel return to Iowa

Pope Benedict resigns (first to do this in 600 years). Pope Francis elected.



Take daughter Rachel to OBGYN appointments.

Go to St. Paul to see Alex and Andrew

Endure the Spaghetti Dinner fiasco



Friends John and Kathy are married

Baby shower for Rachel


Grandaughter Athena is born April 21: Beautiful, hopeful, Rachel struggled, Oliver almost didn’t make it.

Drake Relaaaaays #32 for Pagans

Launch business brainstorm group for WH Chamber

Began work for Mary Kay on her writing project

Boston Marathon Bombing



Began work with client Jan

Began work on kitchen remodel

David finishes his first full year in his permanent teaching position



Well-baby visit for Athena

Began work with client Becky

Cleaning like crazy for upcoming wedding of Alex and Andrew

Defense of Marriage Act overturned by Supreme Court



Continued to prep for wedding in August

Got rid of loads of boxes of books and other clutter

Stained deck with David, one of many things



David heads back to school after summer break.


Andrew and Alex get married on August: beautiful summer weather, planning, lack of planning, merge of families, not merging families, children issues, Alex sings, mother of the bride issues, beautiful Alex, reception joy, family gathered.

Went with Rachel to Athena’s well baby visit.



Went to Chicago for a couple of days to hang with Regina: Rat!

Began work with client Connie

Realized I need to quit my Chamber p/t job




My trip to China:  crowds, Laura, new people, hotels, smells, pollution, food, Great Wall, walking, bus, tour, spitting, toilets, homesick, tour guides, pearls, jade, pagodas, temples, Buddha, local neighborhoods, markets, water, skype, typing at night. 

Government shutdown




Did the big Shop Where You Roost event. My idea for this event and the accompanying art contest, “What Do You Want to Be?” David a huge help. Went well.

Alexandra attempted the race at Living History Farms: Freezing!!!



A Christmas miracle, we are all home together: Rachel and I made Shepherd’s pie.




SWOT Analysis For Project Planning And Evaluation
The Goat And The Peacock


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