Church History Tour with BYU - July 23 - Aug 2, 1971 - Niagara Falls - Part 3

On Wednesday, July 28th, we boarded the bus at 9:00 am and drove to Mendon to visit the home of Brigham Young and several other early leaders of the church. We then continued on to Niagara Falls for overnight on the Canadian side of the border.

Church History Tour - Hill Cumorah Pagent 8

We spent most of the time shopping for gifts for the family while at Niagara Falls. While shopping, we went through a wax museum that was really cute.

Church History Tour - Nigra Falls - Little Red Riding Hood Story


The image to the right,  is a display showing Little Red Riding Hood coming upon the Big Bad Wolf.

Church History Tour - Jungle Book Display in Nigra Falls




The image to the right was a display of fun animals having a great time playing with each other in the jungle.

Church History Tour - Winter Fun Sceen in Nigra Falls





This is a winter scene with animals playing in the snow.



While in Niagara, we had the opportunity of going under the falls. We took a tour down under Niagara Falls and watch them turn on the evening lights. We all dressed up in the most beautiful attire we could find that would keep us dry and off we went. 


Church History Tour - Diane Dressing to go under Nigra Falls

Church History Tour - Under Nigra Falls












Here are some other beautiful pictures of Niagara Falls. 

Church History Tour - Nigra Falls at Night

Church History Tour - Nigra Falls - Ontario Canada 2

Church History Tour - Nigra Falls - Ontario Canada









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