Complimentary StoryKeeper User Guide

Free StoryKeeper User Guide

In an effort to save the living history of our time, I want to offer you this StoryKeeper User Guide as a complimentary gift to download now.

The guide offers interview techniques and over 220 life review questions. Used in conjunction with our Certified StoryKeeper Course for hospice volunteers, the guide takes into consideration the challenges of capturing stories of people with special needs.

If it helps those in need, it certainly will help start your life review. In exchange for this free gift I ask you to put it into action while you still can.

Do not put it on a shelf expecting to use it one day because that day will likely never come. Procrastination leads to regret and Legacy Matters! Pass it on! 

To download your complimentary copy of the StoryKeeper User Guide, click HERE.

Please share this post so others can download their copy and start documenting their personal history. Thank you joining our movement to save the living history of our time! 

Oh, and by the way, now is the best time to start building your legacy portfolio. It's free to start so don't procrastinate. To learn more click HERE. Legacy Matters! Pass it on! 

Tom Cormier, Cofounder and Legacy Coach!

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