December 2016

It's December 4, 2016.  In 2 weeks, on the 19th, we are supposed to leave for CA to spend Christmas with Michele and Pat.  Unfortunately, we don't have anyone to watch the dogs yet.  Boarding them would cost about $500.  Bill suggested I fly out but I know Michele would like to see him too.  I'm going to call the vet on Monday to find out exactly what it would cost us to board all three of them.  Also to see what it would cost to fly out.  I really don't want to go without Bill so we'll see.

Nephi got home from his mission.  He was stopped at customs because the "nice lady" who refused to give Hannah her Visa cancelled Nephi's when he was still in New Zealand on his mission.  He had one month left.  Al and Jo contacted the church, they sent an attorney who had them get a passport from the Marshall Islands to get him home.  In the meantime the attorney had them fill out some forms to send in to make them citizens.  No word on that yet.  Anyway, when he went through customs with his Matshall Islands passport and they put his name in, it triggered a red flag so they pulled him out to question him.  The Attorney had already talked with him and told him what to say and what not to say.  Anyway, he missed his plane plus the next plane that night.  They flew him to Los Angeles where he spent the night in the airport and flew to Salt Lake at 6 am and got here about 8 am.  Needless to say Jo was a wreck.

Corbin left for the Nevada Reno Mission on November 29th.  He was really excited.  Can't wait to hear how it is going for him.  Now they have Brady and Corbin both out on missions.

Ashlyn announced her engagement to Marcus Rattmanic.  They have set February 16, 2017 in the Payson Temple for their sealing.  That's nice we won't have to travel.  Would be nice if Tammy and Billy could stay here but not going to happen.  We will be able to attend because we don't work the temple on Thursday.  Wonder if Mike and Shirene will be involved in anyway.  We;ll see.

Enough for now.  Have to get ready for church.

Carrie Ellen Dart
H***, He Don't Look Like No Doctor To Me


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