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Diane and I met the latter part of June 1972, although we had noticed each other while attending a Brigham Young University summer ward, when I visited her in the capacity of her Home Teacher.  We began dating on July 4, 1972.  We were engaged to be married on August 24, 1972 at the fountain in front of the Provo LDS Temple.  We were married/sealed for Time and All Eternity on October 12, 1972 in the Provo Utah Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  This poem was written to her on September 23, 1972 during the time we were engaged to be married.



The smile of her face is bright,

Each day her charm is my delight.

Her countenance of pure white air

Prompts me to say “Our Father’s there.”


He guides Diane to help me be

The type we want for Eternity

To guard the castle of our life

Where joy is present; Ne’er is there strife.


Her hair is shiny as the sun above.

The glitter of eyes portrays her love.

Her rosy cheeks are of lofty hue.

Diane . . . Forever, I shall love you.


In days that follow as night from day,

Your support and love is there alway.

As the sunset glows in the old West,

Of all I know, I love thee.  Blesst.


P.S. Darling I Am Near Eternity . . . whenever I’m with you.

Darling I Am Near Eternity . . . when I think of you.

Darling I Am Near Eternity . . . when I love you.

Therefore: Eternity is Now!

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