Easter Memories

I remember that when the Saturday before Easter came, our family would go to Tremonton (about 7 miles away from the farm where we lived in East Garland) to grandpa and grandma Adams' house.  About a block away, the public library was situated on a large lot and an East egg hunt was set up for the children.  We each had our Easter baskets and we tried to run as fast as we could to see who got the most Easter eggs.

Early the next morning, we could hardly wait to get up to see what the Easter bunny had brought us in our Easter baskets.  I don't recall much about Easter and its true meaning when I was growing up, although we went to church.  I think that even mom and dad went, as well.  Most of the time, it was us kids who attended and mom and dad had their things to do on the farm.

In our small 850 square-foot house, the seven of us children were quite content to set our baskets in the living room where mom and dad slept on the hide-a-bed.  We would "sneak" into the living room really early to see what treats we had.  Marshmallow eggs, chocolate bunnies filled with marshmallow, and lots of jelly beans amidst the green cellophane grass and the colored boiled Easter eggs prepared the day before filled the baskets.

When Easter was over, the baskets were put in a built-in closet in our small bathroom.  I remember that on one particular Easter, when we went to get the baskets filled with the fake grass, there was a single colored egg left in one of them from the year before.  I don't remember which of my two brothers got the idea that it would be fun to break it on the other's head (probably Steve and Lloyd), but one chased the other until the "dirty deed" was done.  Of course the egg had rotted over the year, and the rotten egg gas filled shell fairly exploded when smashed on the head of the one brother who was being chased! The smell that emitted from the egg was such that the smell of a skunk would be mild compared to the hydrogen sulfide gas!

I'm sure that the normal Saturday night bath was very welcome on that day before Easter!


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