I'm a Believer

What are 5 of your core beliefs?

I believe in God, our Heavenly Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost. I believe they are three distinct personages with specific roles, perfectly united as one in purpose and love.

I believe God communicates with us, His children, both on an individual level (to the extent we care to hear/act upon it) as well as to the world at large through living prophets - as He has from the foundation of this earth.

I believe we are spiritual beings participating in a temporary though vital mortal experience; as such, our actions during our lifetime often have effects that reach far beyond the years we are alive here. Though I am far from perfect, mine is a journey to see the face of God and to live so that (though the grace of Jesus Christ) I may stand before Him with humble confidence that I have been valiant to the knowledge He has given to me.

I believe we were created to act rather than to be acted upon. "I am the captain of my inconquerable soul." We can't always control events that happen in our lives, but we can significantly influence the tenor and effect those experiences have on us by choosing wisely how we work through them. Asking the question "why" will only get us so far (and usually that's very frustrated and without real answers). Instead, we would likely do better to ask, "what can I learn from this?" then look for lessons and apply them moving forward; the pain we experience will eventually go away, but the strength we develop in the furnace of tribulation will stay with us forever.

I believe that, while there is so much ugly and evil in the world today, there is just as much, if not more good and holy. We can see it all over if that's what we choose to focus on. What we feed will grow; it's important to feed our faith and happiness and see the best in all around us. In the end, if we choose not to be on the side of Good, it won't much matter what path we've chosen instead.

My Only Regret is that...
Lessons Learned from My Elders


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