If I were a superpower

If I were  a super power:  (My definition of a super power--- someone with unlimited funds to share and unlimited abilities to get things done.)

I would  fund Pre K and early childhood education throughout the US and other educational opportunities including all public educational facilities and maket universities free for all students who are willing to go and keep their grade point at average and above through graduation.  I would also enact a "gap" year between high school and university (college or junior college) in which students would go into some type of public service.   This could be here in the U.S. or abroad.   Students would be given information about this public service in their high school years in preparation for it.   It would be something similar to the Peace Corp or Vista.   This would give them another year to mature and learn to be away from home and help them to find themselves in order to be more ready for college.    It is my opinion that EDUCATION is the answer for most, if not all, our needs in solving the problems of our world today.   Education is encompassing.   It may not mean university/college training for everyone, but PreK through high school and technical or trade school or university/college level is necessary for young people in today's world.   We need to spend our time, energy, money on education, and I believe it would eliminate war, poverty, ignorance, help to eliminate racism, and other divisions which cause people to hate each other.  I would work hard at getting people together in ways in which they get to know each other on a one to one basis, because I believe this is the way we learn to shed our differences and learn that we are far more alike than we are different.   I would use my super power to eliminate weapons of mass destruction all over the world.  I would also encourage people to travel to meet other people and cultures to see how other people live and learn from them, as it too would help all of us learn that we are more allike than different.  We would soon learn that our fundamental beliefs desires are pretty much the same.  Again,   I believe education is the answer, and I would use my super power to bring this about.

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