Mother Shares Family Experience

My daughter, Brynn Marie Davis, passed away of SIDS at seven months old.  Two days before what would have been her 8th birthday I received Ronda's story.  We wanted to do something special to remember Brynn as the 8th birthday is an important one in our religion, so to celebrate it I took my children to the mall and we picked out four of the softest, cuddliest blankets we could find for the families we know who lost babies this year.  Then I printed Ronda's "The Gift that Changed My Life" story along with a note letting the families know we were giving them this gift in celebration of Brynn, and in hopes it will comfort them.  We wrapped them up beautifully and delivered the blankets to everyone on Brynn's birthday.  My kids were so excited.  They also picked out two blankets (they couldn't agree on one) for Brynn's memory.  Now when they cuddle those blankets, they will think of Brynn and the families they served.  What a wonderful way to remember Brynn!!!!  MD

A Heartwarming Story of Loss and Comfort
Giving a Comfort Blanket


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