Ruby Tuesday

My first ever purchase of a record was the 45 rpm of Ruby Tuesday by the Rolling Stones. I must have played it 100 times the first night and wrote down the lyrics. I even went so far as to compose my own lyrics of a song. At this time I cannot remember anything that I wrote but remember how important it was to me and how it reflected the time in my life and my first inclings about the opposite sex. That year for Christmas my top wish was for a drum set. I wanted to be part of a band and drums were the only thing I thought I was capable of doing. My father got me a 'toy drum set' and I am sure he rued the day. A couple of friends did try to get a band going and the only song we learned was: In a gadda da vida.
As my musical tastes matured I became a die hard fan of Jim Morrison and the Doors. this started my rock concert stage of life and made a point of attending every concert I could find in Chicago. On the eve of my 16th birthday I camped out with my friends to buy tickets to the Stones. One of the girls in our group passed out in the mad rush to the ticket office and got passed overhead to the counter to recieve medical attention,,,,she got us our tickets. The concert was amazing and the lead-in group was three guys from Texas. They were awesome and got encores which delay the Stones from taking the stage,,,,Those three guys were ZZ Top.
After that concert I was hooked. I went to many concerts and many I cannot remember, though one I will not forget was Deep Purple. I scored 3rd row center and the guy next to me burst his ear drums, I could not hear for days afterwards myself and I am sure it led to my diffuculty in later life with my hearing.
In many ways the music I grew up with marked events in my life like mile markers. Girlfriends, relationships, tragedies and celebrations all tied in with the music I loved. Each time I hear a particular song I am immediately transported to a time and place.
Music and My Life
Music In My Soul


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