The Diamond Ring for My 8 Cow Woman! (Part 1)

Diane and I had been dating for just a month when we became engaged. This occurred at the front of the Provo LDS Temple where we were sitting around the fountain. As she opened the wrapping, she noticed a toy stuffed cow and inscribed upon its body were the words "To My Eight Cow Woman, From Your Johnny Lingo." Part 2 of the Johnny Lingo movie will explain the inscription. Attached to a ribbon around the neck of the cow was a ribbon and on the ribbon was her diamond engagement ring. Her reply? "Oh, there's my ring."

Johnny Lingo Video Part 2

We were married in the Provo Temple about six weeks later, and the wedding band contained a large diamond to be set off by the small diamond chips in the engagment ring. The diamond was mounted on three prongs.

After we had been married for about two years, one day when I came home from working at the American Genealogy Research Center at Brigham Young University, Diane informed me that she had looiked all over the house for her diamond, but was not able to find it. Diane was devastated!  She thought that it had been lost in our bedroom and had searched the carpet, to no avail. Apparenetly, with her having worn it both day and night, the abrasion of the sheets against the prongs that held the diamond had caused the prongs to loosen and the stone fell out.  Diane was devestated.

Within a few weeks, after not being able to find the diamond and both of us struggling to make ends meet, financially, we knew we would not be able to replace the diamond. So I went back to the jeweler and found a YAG (Yellow Artificial Garnet) that was the correct size to fit the ring. But this time, it was mounted on four prongs. I think it cost $25.00!

Diane wore this ring for several years, until I upgraded it to a Zircon (artificial diamond) which was worn for a few more years. Finally, we were able to purchase a real diamond wedding ring to replace the artificial stones, and Diane learned that she needed to remove it each evening before she went to bed. She also had it checked regularly to make sure the prongs were holding the diamond solid to the ring.


The Diamond Ring for My 8 Cow Woman! (Part 2)
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