Top 4 of Tibet attractions

This summer, in order to escape the hot summer of the city, it is a good choice to go to the famous mountains and rivers. The temperature in the mountains is generally low. If you visit the famous mountains and rivers, then it is better to go to Tibet, where the temperature is not high, and it is also a trip worth to go. In this July and August, realizing your own Tibetan dream is undoubtedly a great choice. What are the must-see Tibet attractions to go to Tibet? Let's take a look at it:

Kailash - An amazing place for pilgrimage

Located in a remote area of western Tibet, Gang Rinpoche is one of the most sacred mountains. The film "Gang Rinpoqi" opened the tip of the iceberg of the Tibetan people's holy faith to the world. It tells about life and death, not humble, no happiness, no happiness. At the same time, it also brought the reputation of Gang Rinpoche to more people. It has long been recognized as a mountain in the world and is the world center of many Tibetans and many South Asian religious believers (Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Bons). The mountain has snow all year round, which makes it stand tall in the high Himalayan valley. Although the mountain is beautiful and looks challenging, no one is allowed to climb. However, it is surrounded by countless pilgrims. Every year, pilgrims from all over India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet come to Gang Rinpoche to pray and express their piety.


 Potala Palace - The hall of art

The Potala Palace is located on the Red Hill side of northwest Lhasa and is a magnificent architectural complex. Built in 637, the Potala Palace is the royal palace of Songtsan Gambo. In 1645, the great fifth Dalai Lama, Lausang Gyatso, rebuilt the Potala Palace, and since then the Potala Palace has become the residence of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan theocracy. There are countless treasures and artworks in the museum – the Potala Palace is the “Palace of Art”. The Potala Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you will never miss it in Tibet.


Sheepk Lake - Holy Lake

This is an impeccable, airless and empty world! She is in the Tibetan mind "the turquoise earrings of the goddess scattered"!

Blue sky, Xiushui, Baiyun, and snow-capped mountains make people feel like being in a fairyland! Every vision will make people forget to return, and it will be unforgettable for a long time!

The sheep lake is surrounded by pastures and mountains. Yangzhuo Lake is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet. Yangzhuo Lake is located in Nagaze County, Shannan District, about 70 kilometers from Lhasa. In the Tibetan language, Yangzhuo Lake means “Yuhu”. This is a dammed lake because the glacial mudslides blocked the river millions millions of years ago. Yangzhuo Lake, with an area of ​​638 square kilometers, is about 70 times the area of ​​Hangzhou West Lake. This is a coral-colored lake, also known as the Coral Lake. The famous Sanding Temple is the only Tibetan monastery led by the women's city, located on the southwest coast of the lake. The unique natural scenery of Yangzhuo Lake is a combination of lakes, islands, pastures, wildlife, temples, snow mountains and blue skies.

Lhasa -- The City of Sunlight

Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region, is well known as “the city of sunlight”. With a long history and strong religious atmosphere, it has attracted many travelers to take a  Tibet tour.

Lhasa is a new modern city with an old taste that completely intoxicates you and can't help but fall in love with it. There are many historical sites, including the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Sera Monastery and Norbulingka. There is always a place to impress you.

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