Benefits of Playing Youth Hockey

Playing youth hockey is an amazing experience for children. Many parents want their children to practice this kind of sport because of the benefits it brings. There are many examples when children’s passion of playing hockey turns into a professional one, meaning that they become sportsmen. Youth hockey is a very beneficial sport for children to practice because it helps them exercise, build character, experience a positive influence on mental processes, as well as open many opportunities for the future.

First of all, hockey is a good exercise for a child, so one will be fit and healthy. Skating enables the person to develop one’s cardiovascular system, and it also enhances the muscle development. Besides, a child improves his/her immune system and becomes more fit and hardy. He or she does not suffer from physical injuries as much as other children do and develops healthy habits. For instance, youth hockey is very good for obese children because this sport burns a lot of calories and helps to grow muscles.

It is also important to add that regular exercising makes children more energized, since they gain energy by practicing sports. They also develop healthy eating habits, in order to perform well in sports, and the sport itself prevents children from doing various things that would cause them physical harm. Children develop coordination, too. For instance, they improve motor skills, reaction, and strength. With muscles a child is developing, one also strengthens bones and body in general.

Thus, youth hockey is very beneficial for a child in the physical aspect because it enables one to become healthier, stay out from harmful behavior, and improve one’s strength.

Youth hockey is also essential for building a character because it enables the person to strengthen one’s personality and develop important personal characteristics. For example, hockey requires a child to work in a team. Thus, a child learns to cooperate with others, may make new friends, and gain a good experience of listening and communicating with people. This sport can also be tough and puts some psychological pressure on a child, as one has to play in front of the audience; its practice also teaches a child to deal with one’s problems and overcome stress. This way, a child becomes more mature and is able to take care of oneself. It is also a great way to make a child more responsible and confident. A child becomes more open to new experiences, as he or she meets new people on the team and learns to accept them.

There is also an important benefit of the youth hockey, which is the part of building the character. It is the fact that hockey teaches a child to accept failures with dignity and not be devastated or lose one’s motivation after a team loses or one cannot learn a new trick. Hockey teaches a child to accept victories and losses and learn valuable lessons from them. A child makes various analogues with life and hockey and is able to look at life from a more optimistic perspective. Besides, he or she develops strong personal skills, and alongside the confidence, a child develops positive self-esteem. Also, hockey is a good place to learn self-discipline.

Youth hockey also improves the mental processes because it makes the person think faster. A child develops one’s logical thinking, and a child is able to make fast decisions, calculate and think in advance. The sport also helps a child to become more concentrated because every player needs to have a good concentration (Felisko). Thus, the concentration, fast reaction, self-control and logical thinking in sport are also applied in other spheres of life, so a child improves them, too.

Hockey also helps a child to become a strategic thinker because a child learns how to solve logical problems and make necessary conclusions in order to achieve a particular goal. A child also develops one’s imagination which is an essential part of sport. Whenever training, a child imagines the opponent and the techniques that may be used to beat him or her. A child also reacts fast in the actual game. This experience is transmitted into the real life when a child learns to respond, solve the problems, and make fast conclusions that would have a positive impact.

Hockey opens many different opportunities for children. First of all, they get access to something new. They meet new people and get a chance to make friends. They also feel emotional satisfaction, while training and playing. It gives them a feeling of purpose, and the hobby can grow into something that remains with the person for the rest of one’s life. For instance, a child may decide to pursue a career in hockey in future, and it will have a positive effect on one. He or she will keep on practicing, so one’s childhood interest can become a successful profession. Also, being a good sportsman provides benefits for students when applying for college because it gives young people the scholarships they can use to pay for the education. In the end, a child can grow into a successful sportsman due to childhood experience.

Of course, there are many other activities a child may try. For example, a child may be involved in the theatre that may have a positive influence on him or her. Some parents believe that theatre is even better because, just like hockey, it keeps a child busy, but unlike the sport, it does not carry any potential dangers like hurting oneself during a play. Theatre also engages one’s brain and makes the person develop faster. Nevertheless, theatre is far less active in physical sense than hockey because although it requires students to move, physical capacities are not very important. Hockey, on the contrary, makes children focus on their physical development, so they spend a lot of time training. Besides, hockey is better at creating a sense of a team within a child because one can be a great player, but still fail, unless he or she is willing to work with a team. Still, the main decision regarding one’s activity should be based on the interests a child has. In case he or she is passionate about hockey, he or she should definitely get a chance to practice it.

Youth hockey is a very good exercise for a young person due to many different reasons. It has a very positive influence on a child’s health and physical development. A child grows the muscles, develops healthy habits and becomes more health literate. The game also has a positive impact on the personality because it helps a child to become more confident and feel oneself as a part of something bigger. A child becomes more responsible and collected. Playing this game also enhances thinking, so regular exercising can be good for mental activity, too. Finally, hockey is a sport that opens many different opportunities for a child, like the fact that one can become a professional player. This sport requires a lot of time and concentration, and there may be times when a child will have to deal with problems, but it brings a lot of positive results in the end.

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