Fun Halloween Activities for the Elderly Loved Ones

Halloween is a fun time to dress up for the night and try to scare friends and family. You may want to explore interesting activities or games to play with your senior loved ones at your Halloween party this year.

Here are 5 Halloween activities for the elderly that will help you make Halloween memorable for them.

Halloween Game Ideas for Seniors

Some fun game ideas to celebrate Halloween with the elderly include:

Pumpkin Games

Seniors can enjoy many types of pumpkin games on Halloween that include:

  • Pumpkin Knock-Down - Participants use small pumpkins to hit down a pile of Halloween cups.

  • Guess the Pumpkin's Weight - Participants try to guess the correct weight of a pumpkin, and the prize goes to whoever guesses the pumpkin's weight most accurately.

  • Hot pumpkin - Participants toss a bean bag until the music that plays in the background stops. The person left with the bean bag when the music stops is out of the game. This continues until there's only one person left.

Food Games

  • Donuts on a String - You need to tie a string around each donut and suspend them from a long stick. Participants who eat the donut without using their hands and without letting it fall win the game.

  • Guess the Halloween Candy Game - For this, you will need plenty of miniature chocolate bars. The participants have to identify the chocolates by eating the sample pieces. The person who has the most correct guesses wins the game.

Halloween Party Ideas for Seniors

Here are some party ideas to make your guests laugh and celebrate the Halloween spirit.

  • Escape Room

    This type of popular Halloween activity appeals to everyone. Participants are segregated into small groups and are "trapped" inside a room. Teams must escape the room before times runs out by solving a series of clues and complicated puzzles. You can DIY your own escape room at home by selecting your desired theme. There are plenty of escape room puzzles ideas online also!

  • Murder Mystery Night

    Everyone loves murder mysteries, and you can create a party theme from this. You can find plenty of printable murder stories online or write your own. Typically, a guest is "murdered," and others will have to solve the mystery to find out the "killer." Two guests can play the roles of victim and killer. The "killer" will hide amongst party guests. You can begin the party by announcing the death of the "victim" and present clues to the murder and a card describing each character's motive for killing the "victim." Then let your guests find out the "killer."

We wish you a safe and happy Halloween with your loved ones! If you are looking for exceptional home care services for the elderly from expert caregivers, call us today.

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