Big Horn Mine

After hiking to Mount Baden Powell, we saw that the parking lot was shared by this hike. So we planned to come back and hike down instead of up. This was a rather short but exciting hike.
Someone broke out one of the bars at the entrance of the mine and most EVERYONE goes in.
The group of kids ahead of us when DEEP into the mine.

The authorities might consider closing this access, but we did go in.

Down we go.

Shortly down the trail you come to this choice.

Wow, it's gravely out here!

The vistas! 

 Almost there!

 The mine is dead ahead.

 I found this old photo of what it looked like in the day.

 This is the BEST view from the building.

 Oh boy!


 Looks like we can get in, but should we?

 Let's go!

 In we go.

 Let's get out of here!

 Almost there!

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