SS Dominator Shipwreck

I saw this hike in the L.A. Times and wanted to go, so Omid and I planned a day to get down there.
The hike was pretty easy but for the big stones on the beach, but we had a great day.

That is our trail right over there.

We stared down this steep sandy trail.

Looking back at the trail.

Heading over towards the wreck.

These rocks are huge and hard to navigate.



What is that over there?

 A nice place to rest and have a whiskey toast?

Looks like the islands to me!

That is where we started!

 The east end of the wreckage field.

Only the biggest pieces have survived. 

 Just a little oil will get that working again!

Look how small Omid looks.

 We found these little art stones all over the place!

Here is a map of how to get to the wreck.

 I found this picture of the original crash.

Big Horn Mine


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