Church History Tour with BYU - July 23 - Aug 2, 1971 - New York City

At 5:15 am on July 23, 1971 I prepared to leave for my ten day tour covering New York City and the areas travelled by my ancestors while migrating to Utah. My family and I arrived at the Salt Lake Airport at 8:40 am at which time we met Sister Backman who was our escort to New York City. We boarded United Airlines flight 768 at approximately 9:20 am and had a wonderful flight other than my friend Vicky Gurney was sick the full four hours of flight.

Church History Tour - Salt Lake City Airport Diane and Vicky Gurney - 1971

This is a picture of myself and Vicky at the Salt Lake City Airport

We arrived in New York at 5:45 pm where Brother Backman joined the tour and we were taken by bus to the Royal Manhatten Hotel on 44th and 45th street and 8th Avenue. After the orientation meeting where were able to get acquainted with the other tour members and were assigned to various committees (ours was the key committee), Vickie and I walked around the streets of New York City. Later that evening we spent our time watching television in the motel and I called my mom and dad to let them know that we arrived safely. 

This is a picture looking out the window of our hotel room.New York City Looking out hotel window1971

We were up at 6:30 am on the 24th to prepare for the activities of the day. At 8:45 we travelled to the New York dock for a relaxing Circle-Island tour of Manhatten Island. Here we were able to take pictures of New York from the harbor and go around the Statue of Liberty.

Church History Tour - Statue of Liberty on IslandChurch History Tour - New York- Looking across the bay









After travelling around the island, we were taken to the United Nations Building where tour through the various rooms through the building. Each room were given to us by different countries throughout the world. One of the highlights of the tour was the largest tapestry woven by hand from the country of Belgium.

Church History Tour - New York City - United Nations Belgium TapistryThere are 129 flags flown five days a week representing the members of the United Nations.

Church History Tour -New York City - United Nations  Building with 123 flags

After completing the tour of the United Nations Building, we travelled back to the hotel where we had the rest of the day free. Once again, Vickie and I walked around the streets of New York and later that night we accompanied Marie Froyd, James Froyd, and Donna Thompson to the Radio City Music Hall for wonderful entertainment. The program featured a movie of World War I or II and then dance by the famous New York Rocketts. They are a group of approximately 50 girls who are all the same height and all have red hair. This was the climax of our last night in New York City. Here are a few pictures of what we were able to enjoy seeing in New York City

Church History Tour - New York City - Sears Tower - 1981This is the Sears Tower, one of the world’s tallest buildings at the time and a view of New York from the bay while we were circling Manhatten Island.                                                       

On our way out of New York City, we were able to stop and visit Grant’s Tomb.

Church History Tour - Grants Tomb










Church History Tour - New York City - Cathedral full front of bldg

While the bus was being repaired, we were able to tour one of the nearby cathedrals. Later on we were able to visit St. John’s Cathedral. This ended our tour of New York City.

Church History Tour - New York City - St. Johns Cathedral










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