Gary and Becky Warner

b2ap3_thumbnail_Gary-and-Becky-Warner.jpg          We’re going to start 2017 with Becky and Gary Warner.  Becky is the daughter of Harold and Ruth Lawrence.  She was born on March 31, 1955 in Springville.  Her parents lived in Salem at the time.  Becky was the youngest of ten children and the doctor wouldn’t believe her mother that she was in labor – he soon found out as Becky was delivered in his office.  She had 7 sisters and 2 brothers.  Gary is the son of Blair and Betty Warner.  He was born in Payson Hospital on December 29, 1953.  His parents lived on the east bench of Spanish Fork.  Gary had two older brothers and two younger brothers. 

          When Becky was in the first grade, her family moved to Big Piney, Wyoming but kept their home in Salem.  Becky’s mother passed away when she was 9.  Becky was a cheerleader in high school.  A couple of days after graduating from high school Becky moved back to Salem and lived in her parent’s home.  Her sister, Donna Schwartz, lived next door so it was more like home.  Her father retired a couple of years later and moved back to Salem also.  Gary and Becky met on a blind date in July 1973, which almost didn’t happen because he was water skiing and was an hour late.  They were married April 12, 1974 and have lived in Salem ever since. 

            Growing up Gary worked at Dan’s American Oil and Gas Station, and during his senior year in high school he was the night-time custodian for Barcoft Trailers.  Gary supported his family by working at Geneva Steel until 2001 when it closed down.  He worked there for 29 1/2 years.  He then worked for Salem City for 7 years, and Miller’s Trailers for 7 years.  He said he is finally retired.  Becky worked at The Cotton Shop in Provo, Provo Surgical Center and is now employed by Salem City. 

            Gary and Becky are the parents of 4 boys:  Justin and Maleah (American Fork); Matt and Evige (Eagle Mountain); Mark and Janessa (Spanish Fork); and Ryan and Shelleen (So. Jordan).  They have 13 grandchilden whom they love and support in their activities.  Now that “Grandpa Gary” is officially retired sometimes he gets called on to help tend.  He loves it! 

            Gary coached baseball in Salem for 11 years where he served as the Volunteer League President for 1 1/2 years.  He served on the Salem Volunteer Fire Department for 23 years serving as Fire Chief for four of those years.  Gary served on the Salem City Council for 8 years.  When the Salem City Recreation Director quite, Gary volunteered and filled this position from November 2001 to February 2002.  He was then hired by the City in February.  Gary was honored as the first Volunteer of the Year for Salem City in 1990.  He started the Salem City Fishing Club for the youth, was instrumental in the development of the Loafer View Recreation Complex, and the addition to the Salem City Fire Station. 

            Gary and Becky are active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have held several positions within the Church. 

            Gary said he was a picky eater until he and Becky got married.  I guess he figured if he wanted something to eat, he’d better eat what Becky fixed, although he doesn’t like cottage cheese.  He likes all sea food and a good steak.  Becky doesn’t care for liver or salmon.  She likes steak and chocolate (not necessarily together).  Becky said Gary is very handy; he loves to garden, work around the yard, repair things, likes to fish and “tinker”.  Becky likes to go for ATV rides, and spend time with the kids, grandkids and Gary. 

            Gary and Becky, thank you for all your service to Salem City.  May you have a great 2017!


Salem City Newsletter, Senior Spotlight, January 2017, page 3.

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