Maxine Andrews

b2ap3_thumbnail_Maxine-Andrews.jpgWhat a charming lady Maxine Andrews is.  Maxine was born on September 18, 1927, to Ivan and Mabel Reid Dyreng.  She was born in her parent’s home in Manti, Utah.  She was the fifth child of three girls and five boys.  Maxine’s father was a Forest Ranger so they moved around living in Potts, Nevada, Loa, Utah, and Salina, Utah.  Maxine went to high school in Salina.  This is where she met her future husband, Delos Andrews from Aurora, Utah.  They were high school sweethearts.  Maxine and Delos were married on June 14, 1945 in the Manti Temple.  The family was saddened with Delos’ passing on Christmas Day, December 25, 2016.  They were married for 71 1/2 years – what a love story.

            Maxine and Delos were blessed with two boys and three girls:  Melvin (Kathrine) Andrews, Louisiana; Connie Lee (Barry) Booth, Gilbert, Arizona; Patsy (Tom) Young, Walla Walla, Washington; Julie (Reed) Turnbow, Salem; Steven (Rita) Andrews, California.  They have 31 grandchildren and 66 great grandchildren. 

            When Maxine was in high school she worked at a hotel/restaurant in Salina.  One time, during the deer hunt, a group of men were staying at the hotel.  After dinner they went to their rooms and were cleaning their rifles when one of the rifles went off.  The shot went through the floor and down into the dining room.  Maxine had just left the dining room and the shot hit right where she had been standing.  Maxine was the editor for the high school year book; played the clarinet and marimba; and sang with a lot of groups.  Maxine has a beautiful Alto voice and she was always looking for a trio to sing with.  Delos played basketball, and baseball in school.  He and his two brothers were on the all-church basketball team.  Delos supported his family as a farmer, rancher, and real estate salesman.  After moving to Salem, Maxine worked at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in the Insurance Department doing billing and coding. 

            During their married life they lived in Aurora, Utah; Payson, Utah; California,0; Tempe, Arizona; Green Valley, Arizona; Mona, Orem, Spanish Fork and then Salem, Utah.  When they lived in Payson Delos, his father, two brothers and brother-in-law owned and operated the Nebo Angus Ranch (which is now Young Living Farms).  When they were in California he was a Livestock Cattle Broker for a large cattle company.  When they moved to Mona, they lived in the ranch house on the farm.  The family was selling the farm, but it took them 25 years to do so.  When they moved to Orem Delos went into real estate.  In 1980 Maxine was at a home in Salem waiting to show it to a prospective buyer.  She noticed the vacant lot across the street and, yes, they bought it and built their home here.  They have lived here for 36 years.   

            Maxine and Delos are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Together they served a Temple Mission to Orlando, Florida, were Temple Workers at the Provo LDS Temple; and served a mission at the Springville Cannery.  Maxine has served in several callings in the Church including Relief Society President, Primary President and Relief Society Teacher.  She said she really enjoyed teaching Cultural Refinement in Relief Society.  She felt like she was traveling to each country herself.  Now she goes to Salem Hills High School Girls Basketball games and watches her granddaughter, Alesha, play Sophomore and J.V. Basketball. 

            Maxine doesn’t like fish, but loves asparagus – raw or cooked -- and pumpkin pie.  She said Delos never cared for asparagus.  She loves to sing harmony, is a beautiful seamstress, quilts, crochets, and makes cinnamon twists and cookies.  Her daughter said she would check out books at the library on “The Art of Homemaking” and taught herself a lot of these skills.  She said Maxine’s home is a haven, the spirit is so welcoming and inviting. 

            Maxine said she enjoys her friends in Salem, and it is a good place to live.  She has always enjoyed a good party group with friends wherever she has lived.  She is grateful for the city, the friendly town, her home, and said “it all feels good”. 

            Maxine, thank you for your friendship and the joy you are.


Salem City Newsletter, Senior Spotlight, March 2017, page 3.

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Cheryl adam Faye (website) on Wednesday, 26 July 2017 07:46

A very inspirational story and i am in awe of these persons. Custom Essay Service UK loved the content and the flow of this blog and how this page is flowing words of the story.

A very inspirational story and i am in awe of these persons. Custom Essay Service UK loved the content and the flow of this blog and how this page is flowing words of the story.