Beverly Faretta

b2ap3_thumbnail_Capture_20150831-211951_1.JPGWe'd like to introduce you to Beverly Faretta.  She was born December 12, 1931.  She was born and raised in the family home at 555 East 200 South, Provo [Utah]. Her parents were Ervin and Minnie Bell Brailsford.  They lived in this this home until she was 12; then they moved up Provo Canyon.  She attended Provo High School until the tenth grade. Then she moved to Ely, Nevada and graduated from high school there.  She is the third to the oldest with two older sisters and one younger sister and four younger brothers.

She met her first husband, Leon Choate, In Ely.  She said he had been watching her and asked her for a date.  He was a very handsome man.  Leon worked in Kennecott, Nevada in the mills.  They were married and lived there for nine years.  After being on strike for three months they moved to Sanish Fork where they lived for 18 years.  Leon was a brick mason by trade.  They had three boys: Brent Leon (Janice) Spanish Fork; David Wayne (deceased); Steven (Larene), Spanish Fork.  She has six grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

When she was 15 she worked a couple of summers at a cafe in Provo.  She wore roller skates while taking the orders and serving the food.  She also worked for Keely's Candy Company in Provo.  After she was married and they moved to Spanish Fork, she started to work at the Utah State Hospital in Provo as a Psych Tech.  She was responsible to hire employees for that unit. She worked there for 29 years.  Durng this time, her husband Leon, passed away.  She met her husband, Dan Faretta, who was working at the hospital also.  He had moved here from Chicago to be near one of his daughters, who was attending BYU.  With this marriage she gained 10 step children.  She said Dan served in the Navy during WWII, but he never did learn to swim.  After they were married they lived in Spanish Fork for four years; then they moved to Salem.  They have lived here for 27 years.  Dan passed away this last March.

While Dan was alive they loved to travel and have visited Mexico, Canada, Alaska and several of the other States.  She loves to go camping, deer and elk hunting.  She said when she was eight she would go deer hunting with her dad.  She loves being out in nature and especially loved fishing with Dan.  She cheers the Jazz Basketball Team on.

Don't feed her pomegranates, spinach, Swiss chard, or beet greens.  But she loves homemade noodles, especially in chicken and noodles. And she likes a good gravy.  Her talents are crocheting, quilting, reading, and when she was younger she would draw portraits of people or just doodle.  She likes the quiet streets of Salem.  She enjoys going to the Senior Citizen Center and seeing her friends.  She loves to be around older people.  She said they have so much to offer.

If you get a chance, you need to visit Beverly and enjoy all that she has to offer.


Senior Spotlight, Salem City Newsletter, September 2015, page 3

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