In Memory -- Tribute to Eilleen Worthington

Larry McKeehan, founding and charter member of the Board, remembers Eilleen in this special tribute: Quilcene Historical Museum Newsletter, Volume 9, Issue 1; Fall, 2012.

b2ap3_thumbnail_eileen-small1.jpg"I count this thing to be grandly true: That a noble deed is a step towards God, Lifting the soul from the common clod to a purer air and a broader view." (Gradatim)  Fitting words for Eilleen Worthington ... Someone who definitely did noble deeds ... deeds that are general knowledge (school library, school greenhouse, county library) but also deeds that are barely known (school supplies and field trips for individual kids who needed a little financial assistance, buying Book Fair books for classrooms, planting of trees to raise funds for elementary science studies).  And the list goes on and on.  And she could recite most of this poem from memory even at 92 years old!

She loved to "converse" about birds, politics, plants, the school, weather, Mars and modern technology.  Also the School Horticulture and Garden Program, greenhouse, composting, work bins, students and projects.  And then maybe continue with the good old days, the days to come, food, travel, family, writing and poetry as major topics.  And she loved crossword puzzles, ornithology, flowers, education and just about any social or scientific issue of the day.

Poetry was one of Eilleen Worthington's favorite passions.  She read, wrote and recited.  A word, an idea or thought could set her off onto a path of recitation of one of her favorite poems, songs, psalms or nursery rhyme verses.  A stumble here, a forgotten word there ... but forward she would go ... maybe to stop short of the end, but most likely to continue all the way to the end.  Or sometimes she would pause and have to say:  "Honey, see that thick blue book right there on the shelf.  Look in tehre for the missing word."  Even more special are Eileen's original poems.

Eilleen was a free thinking, classy, liberal, well-read, nice person!  She loved the idea of financial help she gave to the school greenhouse and garden program, helping to raise sudent test scores in science.  She realized and understood that there are new thoughts and technology needed for today and the future; make learning relevant to the real world with hands-on experiences and the possibilities for a successful future is unlimited.  Thank you Eilleen from all of your friends in the Quilcene Schools, Museum, Community and beyond.  We truly respected and loved your support these many years.  Peace and love to you & your family.

Worthington Park: 10 Acres of Possibilities


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