Keith and Gwen Barney

Keith and Gwen Barney never moved very far from where they were born.  Keith was born in Lake Shore 81 years ago and Gwen was born in Spanish Fork 76 years ago.  They were both born at home.  When Keith was born in was 33 degress below zero and his dad rode a horse to go find the doctor.  When they got back Keith was already born.  Keith has been told that there was a Yukon Express go through and the week of February 7-12, 1933 still holds the record for the coldest ever in the Strawberry Valley.  Keith had two brothers and one sister and was the baby of the family.  Gwen had one older siser and one younger brother.  All their brothers and sisters are now deceased.

They have been married for 57 1/2 years and have lived in Salem for 38 1/2 of those years.  They were introduced by Gwen's friend and Keith's friend who happen to be sister and brother.  They have three boys, two girls and eight grandchildren.  Their daughter Sheila lives in Salem, son Clark lives in Escalante, son Kelly lives in Lake Shore, son Scott lives in Spanish Fork and daughter Alison lives in Salem.

When Keith graduated from high school he went to work at the Utah State Hospital in Provo.  He then joined the Army during the Korean War and was stationed at Valley Forge General Hospital.  After returning from the war he attended Utah Trade Technical College and graduated as an electrician.  He worked for the Strawberry Water Users and they lived at the power plant (by Canyon View Park) for ten years.  In the winter they couldn't get up the hill to the highway going up the canyon so they would come down and go through Salem.  They commented how much the would like to live in Salem, but they owned a home in Spanish Fork and one in Lake Shore so they couldn't see moving to Salem.  Gwen said growing up she was very quiet.  The kids in Spanish Fork ignored her but the Salem kids always treated her good.  She loved Salem because of the kids.

After high school Gwen worked for Dr. Thomas Judd.  She started teaching piano lessons while still in school and continued for 30 years, and also sold Avon for 30 years.

They are active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in many positions.  Gwen accompanied the Choralettes in Spanish Fork for 12 years.  They have a grandson going on a mission to Halifax, Canada in January.

Gwen was a Johnson from Spanish Fork.  Her grandfather and great grandfather built the Icelandic Monument on 300 South in Spanish Fork.

Kieth assisted the Salem City Electrical Department in years past helping Bernell Lambson when the power would go out.  At that time the power would go out quite frequently because the system ws overloaded and in need of upgrade.  He did all he could to help keep the system running.  Gwen played the piano for several Salem Day Pageants when they first moved here.

Gwen said her favorite food is cocolate and dill pickles.  Keith said he is a potato and gravy man.  Gwen likes to crochet, knit, tat, play tne piano and quilt.  Keith likes to read, and in younger years he was an artist.  This seemed to come naturally for him.  They love the people of Salem and the peaceful surroundings.  They like being out of the canyon winds and enjoy the cool breezes of Salem in the summer.

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From "Senior Spotlight", Salem City Newsletter, December 2014 -  P 3.



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