Lorna's Debutante Jewellery

My mother, Lorna May WALLACE (nee SPELLS) was an only child and the apple of her father's eye. She had often accompanied her parents on overseas voyages, usually to Europe, as Grandpa worked for Philips, the Dutch electrical company. She didn't, however, travel with them in 1934 when they bought her a star-shaped pendant and matching bracelet in Paris to wear for her debut the following year.

Lorna, wearing a white guipure lace gown, was partnered by her great friend and tennis partner, John Lasscock, whose parents owned a plant and lawn business on Henley Beach Road at Lockleys, Adelaide. Mum and her family lived about half a mile nearer to the city than John, but the two had become friends through their love of tennis.

The couple were introduced to the South Australian Governor, Major General Sir WJ Dugan, on the 29th June, 1935 at the Adelaide Town Hall, in King William Street.

This jewellery has lain in my jewellery box , still in it's original brown moire taffeta case, since Mum died in 1979 and neither I,  my sister, Janet, or my daughter have worn it as the style is somewhat elaborate against today's evening wear. Today, I have made a 2 minute video, my first ever, showing how I have arranged the pendant and bracelet in a recessed picture frame, with all of the details attached to the back and it now makes a conversation point for visitors to my home.

I will pass it on to my daughter, Susie as part of my living legacy and I hope she will do the same with her daughter.


Maybe Grandpa Sullivan had a reason to be cantanke...
Jackson Family History by Ethel Hodge

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