Mary Howarth Draper (KWJ7-4N2) - Daughter of Thomas Howarth & Betty Collins

Mary Howarth Draper (KWJ7-4N2)

Daughter of Thomas Howarth & Betty Collins

1831-1902 (KWJ7-4N2)
History by daughter Irene Draper Bradley in 1932

BORN:         14 February 1831
PLACE:      Hyde, Cheshire, England
BAPTISM:     7 February 1847
MARRIED:    William Draper Jr.
DATE:          18 December 1853
DEATH:      9 March 1902
PLACE:      Moroni, Utah


Mary Howarth Draper was born 14 February 1831 in Hyde, Cheshire, England.  She was the daughter of Thomas Howarth and Betty Collins.  They had a family of five boys and one daughter, the girl being Mary.

The family joined the church in 1841.  Mary's father was a user of tobacco and he smoked and chewed.  He also enjoyed his tea and had it every day as is the custom among English people.  After receiving the gospel, he sent his daughter to the store to get two clay pipes and some tobacco.  When she returned, she climbed the stairs to her father's workshop.  In this shop he made reeds for looms which were used in factories for weaving cloth.  When she handed her father the pipes he walked over to the stove and put them in the hot fire.  Never again did he use tobacco but adhered strictly to the Word of Wisdom for the remainder of his life.

 In England Mary's father was a devoted convert to the principles of the gospel spending his time and means in spreading it.  He kept an open house for all members of the church.......

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