My School Kindergarten Substitute Picture


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Karen - 5 years old

This was a picture taken when I was a little girl in my home town in Moroni, Utah.  I started Kindergarten in 1954 - we just went half days.  I think I was sick the day they had school pictures taken.    

One day on a Saturday, my Aunt Vawn who lived across the street from us, came over and said that there was a photographer in town.  (The photographers would come into town unannounced and go door to door to take pictures.)  Well, my Mom had recently given me a perm.  So she immediately cleaned me up washing my hair and putting on clean clothes. I think I was the only one out of my family that day that had their picture taken.  

When the photographer came, I decided I did not want to have my picture taken.  The photographer set up his card table and put the rug on the top of it.  Then he said to me that he didn’t have to take my picture, but he just wanted to see what I would have looked like if he had taken the picture.  And he wanted to see what it would have looked like if I had smiled.  Yes, I was fooled and the picture was taken.

I'm glad the photographer didn't give up on me so I could still get a picture taken of me when I was in kindergarten that year.



John Clarence Blackham History
'Mormon Room' in Missouri's Caldwell County


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