Orville Richard Whaley (Dick)



Dick Whaley born April 1,1929.

This is a picture of Dick when he became EXO of , He spent 30 years in the US Navy, He retired in

He enlisted as a boot seaman, became a Chief and then was commissioned as an officer, and without getting a college degree until he retired, he grew in rank to LCDR. When stationed in the Phillippines, he received his pilots license. On retirement he, obtained a Batchelors Degree in . He then went to work at Embrey Riddle as the Director of Flight Operations. After 5 more years, he went back to teaching college students in . Retired again and this time spent enjoying the rewards of yrs. at work.

Retiremet wasenjoyed by traveling the US in a 30 Ft. motorhome for a couple of years and then moving to Estes Park, Colo. for the next 10 years. From there he moved to Hot Springs Village, Ark. to play golf, be with friends and enjoy the life.

Pictures that follow are of his life and joys. Most rewarding in his life were his family. His two boys, Mike and Dave and Joanne, his wife for over 62 years.


A photo taken with Pete Conrad, the second man to walk on the moon. We met in a saloon one afternoon in mid Australia. My plane landed there because of bad weather. Pete was in a tracking station watching the next astronaut in space



This is a picture of




Legacy Matters Welcome Program - Lesson 3
News and Events of the 1960's


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