Picture with a President - Found among family keepsakes

Picture with with a President - Found Among My Family Keepsakes


Like so many baby boomers, I have boxes of my own photos gathered, throughout the years, along with many photo albums that I inherited when my parents passed on. Among these are photos and memorabilia from one of my great-aunts. Aunt Marguerite was one of those family “memory-keepers.” She grew up in the “Roaring Twenties” and this photo was one that I found among her memories.

Fortunately, it has information written on the back of it and dates from June 1929, showing a delegation from Masonic Lodge Number 1 from Norfolk Virginia, with President Herbert Hoover – on their trip to Washington, DC during the summer before the big stock-market crash of 1929 and the onset of the great depression.

Lodge #1 is also Historic – as it was the Masonic Lodge that George Washington, a fellow Virginian, also belonged to. In later years, both of my Grandfathers were Masters of this Lodge and my father later became a life-long member, too.

In this photo my maternal Great Uncle, Herman Marx stands second from right in the front row, and my Great Aunt, Lillian Marx, is the woman farthest right in the second row.

Considering how hot it normally is in June in Washington, DC, it must have been uncomfortable for them to stand there in those buttoned-up three piece suits. The men are all carrying their “boater” straw hats and the women have their “cloche” hats on – they probably were also wearing gloves.

This photo is fading quickly, so I am glad I was able to scan it and keep it here – Among my Souvenirs.

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