3rd Grade

I went to Third grade at Port Jefferson Station - Terryville, NY.  My teachers name was Mrs. Rice. I didn't do very well in Spelling and Number work.  Mom sent me to a neighbor who was a teacher for tutoring.  He worked with me on these two subjects.  I ended up with a B+ in Spelling from an F and and A in Number work from a D.

This was the year I spent the night with a girl friend for the first time in my life.  I had a dream I using the bathroom.  When I awoke the next morning I realized I had only dreamt it and in fact I had wet the bed.  I was so embarrassed.  My friends mother told my mother and my mom was so angry with me. I felt awful. It was an accident.

When Mom worked nights at the restaurant I would wait in my bed until I heard her come in before I would get out of bed.  I was always afraid someone was under my bed and they would grab me if I got up.  I'd just lay there and wait.  I'd see imaginary mice crawling on my dresser and along the edge of my sister, Joyce's, crib.  I was 6 at the time.  As soon as I'd hear my Mom come in I would jump out of my bed and run to the bathroom.


The Brentwood House


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