The Brentwood House

Mom and Dad were trying to make a go of it again.  They purchased a three bedroom track home in Brentwood, NY.  Dad was laying tile at the time and every time he finished a job he would bring home any left over tile that he had.  My Mom wondered what he was going to do with all that tile.  There were so many different colors.  Dad told her not to worry about it that she would see.

Dad eventually started laying the tile in our basement.  The floor reminded me of a patchwork quilt.  Whatever tile came out of the box next he would glue down.  He worked in the basement every night after work for quite a while.  Then finally we were able to see what he had been doing.  The basement was beautiful.  In one area he had made a "K" out of the tiles for "Kraemer".  

These basements were better known as Whoopi Cellars.  This is where parties were held and the kids played in the winters. 

Dennis had an area where his train sets were set up on a plywood board.  I had a section marked off with all my doll stuff.  I loved playing house. I had dolls, furniture, pots, pans, a wooden ironing board and an iron that got hot when it was plugged in.  

Mom was the Brownie leader and the Den mother at the same time.  I sold the most girl scout cookies in our troop and Mom gave me a watch for my efforts. 

This is the house we lived in when my Grandma taught me how to sew.  I sewed the fabric to my dress and Grandma had to get it undone.  After I learned to sew I made all my own Barbie Doll clothes including bras and panties.



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