Kindergarten and First Grade

According to my report cards I started Kindergarten in Lakeland, Florida.  The Happy Days Kindergarten at 926 South Tennessee Avenue.  I also went to Kindergarten at East Islip Union School in East Islip, N.Y..  

What I remember most about Kindergarten was nap time.  I hated it.  Girls had to wear dresses to school at that time.  We had to lie down on the floor and the boys could see my underwear.  My Mom talked to my teacher about it.  I was finally allowed to sit at my desk and put my head down.  I probably would have been alright if I had been allowed to cover up with a blanket.  

I went to First Grade at Brentwood Union Free School.  My teacher's name was Mrs. Elaine Cucciniello.  I liked her very much and I wanted homework to do.  Dennis always had homework and I didn't.  So I made up my own homework.  I'm pretty sure this was the teacher that said a swear word in class one day.  Teachers swearing was unheard of.  I still liked her.

Between kindergarten and first grade we had already moved 3 times.  I hated being the new kid in class.  I especially hated having to walk in to class late. Everyone looked at you.  To this day I'd rather miss a class than walk in late.  I am usually early to my appointments.

Modes of travel to and from School


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