My Grandpa

My Grandpa Nick was born on March 6, 1955, to Clemma Alice Adams (Nee Carroll) and William Thomas Adams in the town of Beaver Creek, Ohio. He had 8 siblings, Donald, Jerry, Brenda, Jean, Tom, Tim, Carol Ann, And Rick. He attended Wright State University, he graduated with a degree in Writing, approx. 1983. he was Kathleen Ann Hauck and had two my mom, Morgan, and my aunt, Dorian. He worked as a reporter for the Springfield News-Sun. He died while reporting a story on hang gliding on August 11, 1988, in Xenia Ohio, my mom was only 7 years old.

My Grandpa was a devoted father, and family oriented, he was very gentle, soft-spoken, he was very witty, and could write very funny stories, Nick was a great poet, he loved nature and football. He lived in Yellow Springs as an adult. He was tall and had long legs, solid, he had dark hair and a beard and when he would smile his eyes would twinkle. He didn't any particular pet, Nick was a great man who will be dearly missed.

I give thanks to my mom for the terrific interview.
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